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The American Independent Business Alliance is a non-profit organization helping communities successfully operate programs to support community-based enterprise and entrepreneurism, build local wealth and prevent the loss of independent businesses. Since 2001, AMIBA has helped more than 85 communities launch Independent Business Alliances using an organizing model we pioneered, with a proven record of success in cities and towns of all sizes and circumstances. We also have helped many other communities and groups implement impactful and cost-effective “buy local” campaigns and other specific pro-local initiatives.

AMIBA provides tools and training to help local groups, independent trade associations and communities:

1) Execute “buy local” campaigns that (unlike most) truly shift consumer, business and institutional spending by promoting the greater overall value local businesses often provide and the vital economic, social and cultural roles they fill in your community. These campaigns extend far beyond retail to encompass doing business locally in all its forms, including local investment.
AMIBA offers you the benefit of unrivaled experience from working with more than one hundred campaigns to determine what approaches, language and imagery appeals most to specific target audiences.

2) Facilitate cooperative promotion, advertising, purchasing, sharing of skills and resources, mutual financing initiatives and other activities to help independent businesses gain economies of scale and compete successfully against larger chains and remote businesses

3) Create a strong voice for independent businesses in local government and media while engaging citizens in guiding the future of their community. Shifting government and institutional purchasing and contracting is one of the ways local alliances can wield a powerful impact.

4) Enhance opportunities for local investment, banking and access to capital for local entrepreneurs.

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AMIBA can help you achieve greater success, more quickly and with less work and expense over time by building on a proven model and through sharing the knowledge gained by the hard work of your peers all over the country. We suggest hosting a community presentation and training to get started while evaluating the benefits of AMIBA affiliation for your organization. (Underwriting presently is available through American Express OPEN that can cover a large portion of the cost for a community presentation — contact us to inquire).

Please contact us at 406-582-1225 or via our web form to learn more.

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