Public Service Announcements & Graphics

Usage Guidelines

AMIBA is happy to provide the following graphics as a complimentary resource for the “Business Against Bigotry” initiative. To use these images please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • AMIBA’s logo/name/URL must remain intact and unaltered
  • Website, Blog, and Newsletter usage should link to:

Ways to Use These Graphics

  • Share on your social media accounts (please tag us!) or post them on your website.
  • Many newspapers will run free public service ads when space remains unsold (often called “filler ads”). Contact an ad rep to inquire and learn their preferred dimensions (AMIBA will provide 300 dpi files and custom dimensions upon request). Consider dailies, weeklies, business papers, college papers and others.
  • Consider whether a local supporter may be willing to fund paid placements (we can provide a co-branded version at no cost).
  • Contact area civic groups, churches and houses of worship about placement in their newsletters.
  • Print them as posters for your place of business, public offices and venues (contact us for hi-res files or co-branding/customization requests).
This cling window decal is free upon request!

Social Media Optimized ads:

Diversity: Make it Your Business – Twitter feed | Twitter bannerFacebook banner

Every Business Does Better When It’s Open – Twitter feed | Twitter bannerFacebook banner

Speak Up and Carry a Big Sticker – Twitter feed | Twitter banner | Facebook banner

Optimized for your Facebook Feed:

Audio Public Service Announcements


The following are public service announcements (PSA) that we offer for download at no charge. These PSAs are meant to convey how diversity strengthens local economies and community.

Ways to Use These PSAs

RADIO: Many radio stations will play PSAs without charge as a public service. We encourage you to talk to your local radio station manager.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Download and post any of the four PSA files.

Direction for upload to Social Media:
Twitter – Link to any of the below PSAs


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