Strength In Numbers, February 2018

Strength In Numbers, February 2018

Business Against Bigotry Ads

We’re excited to share three new graphics as part of our Business Against Bigotry campaign. Please use them freely to help make clear that independent businesses and their advocates stand against hate and recognize diversity is an asset for successful businesses, organizations and communities. See them all here and learn more about how you can spread the message via social media AND in print. Custom co-branded versions can be made upon request. 

A Powerful New Tool to Boost the Impact, Membership and Efficiency of Local Business Groups

We announced late last year the development of a new operational system that will be transformative in saving local and state business organizations money and time spent managing separate databases, websites, invoicing and other core operations. It also will help you embrace critical technology (like marketing via SMS) and share that knowledge with members.

We’re excited to announce the service is ready to roll out! Our new website template also can be used as a stand-alone. Learn more!

Calls to Break Up Monopolies Grow

News and opinion outlets across the political spectrum are paying more attention to the damage done to independent business, workers and democracy by increasing concentration of ownership. The Nation’s “Monopoly’s New Rules” features several fine stories, including Six Ways to Rein in Monopolies. offers a concise summary of new research revealing how concentrated corporate power is driving down wages across business sectors. And libertarian-leaning magazine The Economist reports on a new study that finds Amazon distribution centers are driving down warehouse wages, but with no local net employment increases. So why are many cities doling out taxpayers’ money to attract these facilities, which require major investments in roads and other public expenses?

Yet another mega-merger that would cause great harm to competition and consumer choices was proposed days ago as the second-largest U.S. grocery chain, Albertson’s, announced plans to buy Rite Aid — the third-largest drugstore chain. For those wanting to stay informed about anti-trust issues, check out the Open Market Institute’s latest newsletter. And for a curated collection of the best reporting on, see

Where Citizens Have Real Power: Local Laws to Protect Communities and Local Entrepreneurs

Bloomberg Businessweek on the 30+ communities (including many around the U.S.) that have implemented limits on proliferation or size of chain establishments. AMIBA staff are eager to help you assess possibilities for action your community. Tell us!

Why Market Your Business (or Campaign) in Spanish?

We recently updated this popular feature and encourage you to consider how adding bilingual communications can boost your business or organization.

Independent Restaurants Gaining Favor on Yelp as Chains Decline

This story provides encouraging evidence of people’s’ desire to enjoy unique restaurants rather than a generic chain experience. It also demonstrates an important way you can help local independent businesses with just a minute or two of your time: give them positive reviews when deserved on popular ratings apps and websites.

AMIBA’s Newest Board Member

We’re excited to announce the addition of George Farah to our Board of Directors! George is a Partner in the law firm of Cohen Milstein, specializing in antitrust and human rights cases. He represents and advocates for small businesses, consumers and others injured by corporate abuses. We thank outgoing board member Nicole Kelly of Keep Saint Petersburg Local for her three years of service.   


Join our partners at The Databank Tuesday, Feb.27 for  Building Organizational Capacity for Greater Impact. This free webinar is one of three in their 2018 Impact Series.

Also, see the upcoming webinar from Small Biz Survival and Save Your Town: “Reviving your Dead Downtown,” starting March 21.

St. Patrick’s Day offers one more good seasonal hook to deliver the pro-local message in your community. We offer some free graphics to help you do it.

Welcome to the newest AMIBA Affiliate!

Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance (Washington)

and New Business Members

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Staver Law Group, PC

See why your business should consider joining AMIBA, too! 

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