Strength in Numbers, December 2017

Strength in Numbers, December 2017

The Most Important New Member Benefit in a Decade for Local Business Organizations!

Few local business coalitions enjoy contact relation management (CRM) systems that fully integrate with their websites and invoicing. We’ve observed many groups through the years spending too much precious time entering the same information in multiple places, and struggling with inadequate software and websites that fail to maximize their potential.

In response, we’re developing an integrated database and WordPress website template for local business groups that will transform your operations and free up far more time for you to advance programs and member benefits — and at a fraction of the market cost. The CRM will automatically populate an attractive, searchable and mappable online directory. Users will enjoy fully-integrated email marketing, SMS messaging, invoicing, reporting, and many other tools to boost the capacity and performance of local groups and give local leaders knowledge they can share with small business owners to help them embrace important technology. Learn more!

See the benefits your local group will gain when joining AMIBA!

Video: Pro-local Talking Points

Independent We Stand visited AMIBA headquarters in Montana last year and interviewed Co-Director Jeff Milchen about the Localization Movement and some of the best reasons for “going local.” Their fine production makes the clip a useful source of talking points for people involved in local business coalitions, or to share on your social media. See more IWS videos on their YouTube channel

To Help Coal Communities, Stop Lying to Them and Build from Within

Miners and communities suffering job losses only are hurt by politicians blaming environmental regulations. Dependence on absentee-owned corporations make coal communities particularly vulnerable. A more prosperous and durable economic future depends on building entrepreneurial opportunities from within!

Businesses Should Be Open to All

AMIBA was party to a brief submitted to the US Supreme Court in the recently-heard Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado case. We argued that small businesses are best served by strong public accomodation laws that ensure businesses are open to all. The article also was published in Spanish.

Made in Place: Small-scale Manufacturing & Neighborhood Revitalization

Our friends at the Urban Manufacturing Alliance explain the benefit small manufacturers bring to local economic development, suggest ways to build the sector locally, and how integrating them into downtowns and mixed-use developments builds a more collaborative business environment.

Corporate Consolidation Hurts Workers and Small Businesses Alike

A new report shows unchecked corporate concentration doesn’t just kill small business & hurt entrepreneurship — it suppresses the wages of workers, too.

Welcome to the Newest AMIBA Affiliates!

Mullica Hill Business Association, Mullica Hill, NJ
Oakland Indie Alliance, Oakland, CA

and New Business Members

Belt & Bruner, P.C., Birmingham, AL
Beltz Law Firm, Dallas, TX

New Resources for AMIBA Affiliates: (login required)

Webinar: Conducting a Pro-local Business Expo

These events offer business-to-business networking, education, and exposure to government, financial and other available resources to help local businesses succeed. They also build your organization’s reputation as a champion for local business and sound economic development.

Portland Buy Local’s call for a graphic designer demonstrates keen brand awareness and may be a useful idea-generator or reference.

Mentorship Program Accepting New Participants

After enthusiastic feedback from participants in year one, we’re ready to build on the success. This program matches newer leaders of local business coalitions with experienced, successful ones to improve their skills and help them and their organizations become more effective. We’re now accepting 2018 applicants. Contact Hallie for details (hallie [at] amiba [dot] net).

Empowering Communities is the Answer


That’s the reaction we receive from most people when they learn the budget on which we provide personal support to 88 community groups and national trade associations, the huge library of free resources we offer, and the singular voice we create to represent communities and their local entrepreneurs. As giant corporations continue to stack the deck in their favor, independent businesses and their communities need to build a powerful counterforce to advocate for you and help communities build strength and prosperity from within. We need your help to do it!

Please make a tax-deductible donation today (See if your company provides matching gifts for employees!) or become an individual business member to keep this work going strong in 2018 and beyond.

We wish you the warmth of family and friends and the richness of real community for the holidays!


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