Strength in Numbers, September 2019

Strength in Numbers, September 2019

AMIBA Evolves, Welcomes New Executive Director

After creating and jointly leading AMIBA for more than 18 years, Jennifer Rockne and Jeff Milchen are passing the torch to new Executive Director Derek Peebles. Jennifer and Jeff offer thoughts on the transition and AMIBA’s future here.

Look for details on Derek’s vision for AMIBA in our October issue. 

In U.S. Supreme Court Brief, AMIBA and Allies Defend Civil Rights Act and Protections Against Workplace Discrimination

AMIBA has joined several small business advocacy groups in submitting an amicus brief to the Court arguing the Civil Rights Act should be interpreted to protect LGBT workers. Freedom for All Americans, drafted the brief. On October 8, the Court will hear three closely-related cases, as explained here.

Our engagement here follows our work defending public accommodation laws (see Businesses Should Be Open to All) and our Business Against Bigotry initiative.

YOU Can Make Your Community More Welcoming to All (and AMIBA Can Help)

It’s easy to feel despair and powerlessness when confronted with escalating attacks — both rhetorical and physical — against our fellow human beings based on their race, nationality, sexuality or faith. The scope of the evil is so broad. 

Yet the expansiveness of this problem means it can’t be solved by a few grand actions. The battle can only be won by millions of good people performing small actions that increase the comfort and safety of the vulnerable and make it less comfortable for bigots and racists to act out.

We make no claim to have grand solutions, but we do offer some useful tools for making those small acts — to show you and your workplace, school, family, or house of worship are willing to take a public stand on the side of decency. Our Business Against Bigotry campaign provides public service announcements (for radio, online or printed use), tips on handling scenarios in your business, window decals to prominently display your belief, and more. 


Special offer: to help inspire greater response in the wake of recent racist attacks, we will double the quantity of any “We Welcome Everybody” decal order received this week! (movable window clings) Visit the AMIBA store.

New Study Shows Supporting Small Business, Not Recruiting Large Corporations, Is the Key to Cities Creating Jobs

The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City examined 10 large US cities for the study. Unsurprisingly, small business was even more crucial for job creation in inner-city areas. Cities assessed were Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco/Oakland, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Communities Win by Attracting Entrepreneurs Before They Start a Business!

This new report from the Kauffman Foundation adds another element to economic development thinking. It suggests focusing on developing public assets and quality of life is vital to creating high-growth businesses. Why? “High-growth founders [of new businesses] move to a city 2 years before startup. They move to live in the city, and then they start their company,” says the report.

How Antitrust Law Shackles Small Business and Workers, and What Must Change 

We’re excited to see Sanjukta Paul bring a hugely neglected issue to a wider audience: the presumptive illegality of indie businesses banding together to combat the power of giant corporations (even while anti-monopoly laws go unenforced).

What Independent Business Owners Really Care About

The 2019 Independent Business Survey by the Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) yielded both valuable information and disturbing news. The survey of more than 1000 independent business owners showed large concern over market concentration and overwhelming support for stronger enforcement of antitrust law.

Among the more disturbing results: 52 percent of independent retailers in cities reported commercial rents have been rising faster than their sales. See the full report.

Walmart’s Monopolization of Local Grocery Markets”Addressing Monopolization in America’s Food System”

In another recent report, ILSR illuminates how national market share data suggest competitive markets for groceries, but national averages obscure the truth that millions of U.S. residents are served by only one real grocery store.

Local Action Briefs

Made In DC opened a kiosk at the Reagan National Airport this summer, part of a larger trend of airports recognizing that featuring unique local businesses, rather than generic chains, is smart marketing. This pop-up retail kiosk is the result of a collaboration between the Dept. of Small & Local Business Development and The Pop Up Collective, a group of women and minority-owned businesses.

Portland (Maine) Buy Local’s newest annual report is a great example of effective communication to constituents for other local business coalitions to check out.

Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance is convening a business and consumer salon series called “The Source” to discuss members social and environmental practices with conscientious consumers and people looking to learn more in our community as a part of its new Live Local campaign

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