Strength In Numbers, November 2018

Strength In Numbers, November 2018



It’s always a good time for local business owners and organizers to develop relationships with your elected officials and civil servants, building a foundation for future proactive policies. But the weeks before newly-elected representatives take office are an especially good time to start. We offer a sequence of steps here to make it easy for anyone to start the process.

Can independent business compete in the world of big e-commerce? The answer is yes. Our interview with Mike Massey, Founder and President of Locally, discusses how his company’s platform helps level the e-commerce playing field for local independent businesses by using innovative technology to connect consumers with premium brands and in-stock products at locally.



Friday, November 23, 2018 will mark Monadnock Buy Local’s ninth annual Plaid Friday – an independent business holiday created to support local economy and encourage consumers to spend more of their dollars locally during the holiday season. Last year, over 260 of their community members pledged to participate.


We’ve rolled out several fresh digital graphics to remind your community to o Local this holiday season. Download for use online or in social media today! AMIBA affiliates – if you would like your logo incorporated, please contact us. NOTE: Large AMIBA logo is an example of logo placement.

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How Amazon Used a Bidding War to Scrape Cities’ Data

On top of gaining free nationwide publicity, Amazon’s HQ2 charade enticed more than 200 cities to offer troves of valuable data that Amazon will use to gain anti-competitive advantage over competitors and extract further subsidies from taxpayers. See for more

As Promotes “Smile” Commission Program, Recall Costs to Non-profits

Be sure your local non-profits are aware of the time costs and potential blowback from local businesses before investing in a program that likely will yield negligible benefit.

7-Eleven Relationship with Franchisees Turns ICE-y

We often warn people about the myth of franchises being a formula for success and drawbacks of conditions imposed at corporate headquarters, but we’ve never seen anything like this. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports 7-Eleven Corporation has been calling ICE and inviting them to raid the stores of franchisees that have questioned corporate actions.

We’re often asked whether franchises should be part of independent business coalitions. Here’s our advice.

Antitrust Law: It’s More Than Economics

Limiting corporate size and power is a constitutional safeguard against unaccountable private power.

The Case For Small-Business Collusion

Why allowing independent businesses to work together to combat the power of corporate giants is needed.

CA Law Enables Home Cooks to Sell Their Own Food

While California has a deserved reputation for stringent regulation, lawmakers showed their openness here, raising new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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