Strength in Numbers, November 2012

Strength in Numbers, November 2012

October News Redux

For our East Coast readers who were consumed by more immediate concerns at the time of publication, and for the 100+ people who subscribed in recent weeks (welcome!), our October newsletter offered information on a new studies, resources, presentation underwriting, and more. You can catch up here if you missed it.

buy-it-where-you-try-it-value-404Indie Business News

Seven Ways Businesses and Communities Can Fight “Showrooming” AMIBA’s latest article has sound advice for business owners to minimize sales leakage (and a full-size version of our wildly popular new web decal to your right). Judging by initial reaction, a lot of people are finding this helpful. Contact us for re-publication info.

Great Gifts Don’t Have to Be “Stuff”
Gifts of experiences or consumables are a great way to “go local” without increasing consumption. We just updated one of our most-shared articles.

A Yelp is Louder than a Tweet
We’ve known this for a  long time, but weren’t aware someone had undertaken a study!

Local Hero
An indie supermarket owner rewards employees by giving them the business.

Seller Beware
The Seattle Times is the latest publication to warn of serious hazards involved in doing business with Amazon Corporation.

shift-your-shopping-buttonKeep the Local Momentum Going: Shift Your Shopping!

We heard great reports on the impact of Small Business Saturday from local affiliates everywhere (and the national media coverage provided a great platform to get out the pro-local message). Now let’s keep the pro-local momentum growing with Shift Your Shopping through the rest of the holiday season!

See how the Louisville IBA, Metro IBA (Mpls/St. Paul), Blackstone Valley IBA (Woonsocket area, RI), and Capital Area IBA (Springfield, IL) made the most of Small Business Saturday, as well as the joint publicity generated by neighboring IBAs Shop Local Raleigh and Sustain-a-Bull Durham.

To help promote the Shift to local independents, we offer Shift Your Shopping buttons to help spread the message. Also, “Why Buy Local” posters are on sale at just $50 for 15 sets (65 posters). Orders usually ship via First Class mail the day we receive them.

Meanwhile, Seacoast Local (NH/ME) and Downtown Dover showed they knew how to win fans for their Plaid Friday events.

Lastly, while we wholeheartedly promote the idea of choosing local independent businesses as consumers, Stacy Mitchell provides a timely reminder that consumer decisions alone are not enough to reverse some of the trends that make the work of organizations like AMIBA and Mitchell’s ILSR necessary. See her compelling TedX talk: Why We Can’t Shop Our Way to a Better Economy.

AMIBA Affiliates Making News

Go Local Tacoma: Still fighting for local businesses

LIBA and U. of Louisville Team Up to Promote Going Local

Asheville Grown Business Alliance Shines in N.C. Press

Summit IBA Uses Small Business Saturday to Highlight issues and Alliance

Please share your latest news with us for future issues!

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Don’t forget to take advantage of the free templates we offer, or customize many items with your own group or business logo. We also can do the work for you at nominal charge (free for affiliates and business members).

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