Strength in Numbers, March 2017

Strength in Numbers, March 2017

New: Revised Guide to Creating Buy Local Campaigns that Work!

It’s been the definitive introduction to developing effective campaigns for years, but just received its first major update! The 2017 edition now is available free upon request as a 12 pp pdf file, thanks to underwriting from American Express. A new bound, printed edition will be ready in April.

Also, underwriting remains available for approximately six more organizations to host a presentation or organizing workshop with any of AMIBA’s top speakers with up to half the cost covered by American Express.

“Welcome Everybody Decals” Now Free! Campaign Takes Off

We’re thrilled to announce the ambitious campaign we proposed months ago now — to engage independent businesses in building community cohesiveness and defeating bigotry — now is turning into action, thanks to a generous grant from the Open Society Foundations. Our first act is to start giving away the window decals shown below for your school, business, house of worship, workplace or home. Look for the launch announcement next week via our Twitter, Facebook or RSS feeds if you want to get yours before your April newsletter arrives.

In the coming months we’ll offer free ads and radio public service announcements that inform audiences about the economic and other benefits of community diversity and offer a series of community trainings to help business leaders build a local culture not just of acceptance, but teamwork toward common goals.

We also seek your help! We want to learn stories of business owners in your communities that have either taken a stand to defeat bigotry or have experienced it as a business owner. Please contact us if you have a suggestion!

News from Locals

Philadelphia Program Transforms Small Business Loan Process
Accessing capital can be a huge time sink for small business owners, but what if they could complete a single application that dozens of potential funders would review within days and reply with interest? AMIBA breaks down this exciting new program and explores how you may bring it to your community.

Keep Saint Petersburg Local’s annual Localtopia festival, celebrating food, entertainment and all things local, generated great media coverage broke records with 25,000 attendees!

Profile: StayLocal! New Orleans
Through strong local and statewide partnerships, StayLocal is changing the environment for local, independently-owned businesses in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana.

Rural Mississippi Town Revitalizes an Ailing Main Street
“I think the biggest thing that has changed here is the attitude about what’s possible…there’s really a can-do spirit and we’re going to do it ourselves. If you wait for someone to help you, it will never happen,” says a Water Valley resident.

Profile: Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts
As a champion for local business, local food and sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices, SBN Massachusetts is an effective leader in the Greater Boston Localization Movement.

Monadnock Buy Local, in partnership with other area economic development organizations, launches the Local Crowd Monadnock a crowdfunding opportunity for local businesses to raise capital from community investors and boost economic activity in the region.

Colorado Thwarts Bid to Corporatize Liquor Retailing
A bill to let big box chains sell liquor was defeated after contentious debate in Colorado, where each liquor store is independent by law.

Welcome New Affiliates

Local First Bay Area, Seabrook, TX
MARK Project, Arkville, NY

Learn how your local business coalition will benefit by affiliating AMIBA. Individual businesses can join, too!

Contest: Name that Blog!
A new collaborative blog is preparing to launch in April, featuring commentary, analysis, “how-tos” and more from individuals and organizations sharing common goals and challenges and representing spokes of work radiating from the Localization Movement hub. Before we launch, we need one more thing: a name!

The Local Sustainable Economies Conference (June 7-9 in Boston) will both inspire and provide independent business advocates with actionable tools to directly improve your work in your community. If you’re part of an AMIBA-affiliated group, you can receive an additional $50 off the already-low conference rates (details here).

Upcoming AMIBA Webinars

Independents Week, March 21, 4 p.m. EDT – Independents Week (July 1-7) celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom our local businesses embody and provides a platform to give your group or business a fresh seasonal hook to engage the media and public alike. Dane Buy Local Director Colin Murray discusses how to best prepare for and capitalize on the event. Open to all — contact us to RSVP.

Facilitating City-wide Collaboration via Local Business Roundtables, April 11, 4 p.m. EDT – StayLocal (New Orleans) staff show off their Small Business Roundtable, a collaboration of community stakeholders, including business owners, university leaders and government officials, charged with tackling issues affecting the local business economy. For AMIBA affiliates only — contact us to RSVP.

St. Patrick’s Day “Buy Local” Graphics

It’s a fine opportunity to share the importance of keeping the green in your own community!

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