Strength in Numbers, March 2014

Strength in Numbers, March 2014

News from Local Affiliates

Since October 2013, the Mile High Business Alliance’s Neighborhood Catalyst crowdfunding program has hosted five local projects and helped three surpass their funding goals, raising over $13,000 for local projects. A project to connect businesses and young, disabled adults through art raised over $1500, an urban garden project raised over $5000, and an organic food box project raised over $8000 through the platform.

The Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts sends members and newsletter subscribers a year-at-a-glance calendar of SBN events early in January. This is a great way to engage more members in your group’s activities and solidify member retention, as members can see the range of activities being provided for them and opportunities for plugging in.

AMIBA Welcomes Three New Affiliates in March!

Local-First-ChicagoTaos-chamber-logoPioneer-valley-local-firstLocal First Chicago (IL)
Taos County Chamber of Commerce (NM)
Pioneer Valley Local First (MA)

Indie Business News Briefs

CanadianCurrencyLocal Procurement is Good Economic Development
Canada’s Centre for Civic Governance’s publication, Buying Local: Tools for Forward-Thinking Institutions, details specific policies and practices for economic development through local purchasing.

Creating Value Where it Matters Most
An insightful urging to independent landscape retailers (but applicable to all indie businesses) to do what you do best, instead of trying to be cheap.

Bogus Chain Store Study Ignores Small Business Benefits
Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance explains how a recent San Francisco study missed many key considerations.

Exposing Big-Business Dominance of Subsidies
Good Jobs First recently published this report, documenting the ongoing problem of big subsidies flowing to big business, harming smaller competitors.

In related news, Federal Reserve economists just released a report documenting the “too-big-to-fail” subsidy that privileges mega banks and handicaps community financial institutions. See this news summary.

Diving Deep Into the Amazon (Corporation)
We hear a lot about the ever-growing power of, but almost everyone underestimates its real impact. The latest addition (from the New Yorker) to our All About Amazon library identifies some of the implications.

Cooperative Movement Should Engage Government Carefully
A cautionary tale from the famous Mondragon Cooperatives

Thanks to Go Local, Grow Local Sponsors

and conference hosts at Metro IBA for making the event possible! (Click logos to learn more about these businesses.)

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Recent Articles By and About Our Conference Presenters


Here’s a sampling of recent writings from a few of the speakers you can meet Minneapolis (unlike many conferences, our gatherings are personal and small enough to meet all the people you want to).

Buying Local by the Millions
Philadelphia is encouraging its numerous universities and healthcare institutions to shift 25% of their procurement to local vendors to help generate more good jobs. Learn about the huge potential to unleash by partnering with local “anchor institutions” from featured speaker Ted Howard of Community Wealth.

2014 Rural Small Business Trends (pdf)
This new report by Becky McCray of Small Business Survival will give you an idea of why we’re excited to have her join us and meet you at the Go Local, Grow Local Conference.

Beware: “Free Trade” Treaties Threaten Locals
Jeff Milchen shows pro-local procurement and neighborhood-serving business districts are among the important local policy initiatives that could be threatened by international trade pacts currently under negotiation..

Six Common Mistakes That Kill “Buy Local” Campaigns by AMIBA’s Joe Grafton and Jeff Milchen.

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