Strength in Numbers, June-July 2017

Strength in Numbers, June-July 2017

Keeping Markets Competitive in the Digital Age

Amazon’s planned purchase of Whole Foods has generated long-overdue analysis of the corporation’s threat to market competition and broader discussion of the need to overhaul antitrust law. Our current laws pre-date the digital age and have proven inadequate to address the concerns generated by conglomerates like Amazon, Facebook and Google (which was just fined $2.7 billion in Europe for rigging search engine results to steer business to itself) that dominate entire platforms.

Hundreds of articles were published after news of Amazon’s plan broke on June 16, but we’ve curated a handful of the best analysis and commentary for you on our All About Amazon page (along with several graphics to help people consider the value of going local, rather than online, for their shopping). And it’s a great time to review Seven Ways Businesses and Communities Can Counter “Showrooming.”

For more in-depth analysis of Amazon Inc., we recommend Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox and Amazon’s Tightening Grip.

Strengthening NYC Neighborhoods Hinges on Indie Business

A recent study by New York City’s Comptroller analyzes neighborhood business growth between 2000 and 2015, outlines environmental challenges, and recommends ways to harness economic growth to benefit local residents through identified workforce and business development strategies. They all point to building support for independent businesses.

Mini-documentary Shows Harm to Indie Business from Corporate Welfare

While focused on Tennessee’s gift to Ikea at the expense of all other furniture retailers, this 20-minute video offers a fine example to use anywhere for fighting subsidies that undermine independent businesses.

Welcome to the newest AMIBA Affiliate
Montana Indian Business Alliance (Billings, MT)
(Learn more about Indian Business Alliances and resources for “Buy Native” campaigns here.)

and Premier Business Member
Radina’s Bakery and Coffee House (Manhattan, KS)


News from Local Affiliates

From Buying Locally to Building a Complete Economy
Monadnock Buy Local expands its vision for a thriving regional economy in SW New Hampshire.

Dane Buy Local launches a local TV presence! Check out one of their videos.

Local First Utah posted this creative invitation to potential citizen members (“Friends of”) to their blog.

In Florida, Keep Saint Petersburg Local appears to be impacting local policy as well as culture. The mayor plans to designate the iconic Central Avenue as a small-business-only corridor.

Watertown First is the latest AMIBA affiliate to gain federal 501c6 tax-exempt status through AMIBA’s Group Exemption Program, which enables organizations to become tax-exempt and avoid paying $850 to the IRS and risking delays or refusal. Find out more about this valuable service.

New Webinar Recordings and Accompanying Resources

May webinar on the innovative Philadelphia program you can employ to ease the process of seeking capital for your local businesses (free public access).

June webinar on developing B to B Roundtables as a benefit to your members and community (AMIBA affiliate login required).

NJ Businesses Unite Against Hate

After a racist rant in Hoboken, NJ made the news, the City responded promptly to help ensure everyone knew the vast majority of residents embraced their diversity. As one component, the City requested 300 of our “We Welcome Everybody” decals for local distribution.

Have you ordered yours? They’re free!


Developing Leaders and Building the Localization Movement Across Borders

SBN Massachusetts convened a gathering of Independent Business advocates from across North America and beyond in Boston earlier this month. The opportunity for local leaders to gain inspiration from each other and cross-pollinate ideas was valuable to all. Also, seeds were planted for connecting the movement globally, as leading localization groups from France were represented.Thanks to Laury, Michelle, Maddie, Amy, Josh, Caleb and the whole crew of volunteers for giving us all a great excuse to connect and grow! We’ll report on initiatives advanced at the conference in future editions.

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