Strength In Numbers, June 2019 Newsletter

Strength In Numbers, June 2019 Newsletter

Franchise or Independent: How Should Aspiring Business Owners Decide?

News and marketing driven by franchising corporations and consultants often exaggerate the success rate of franchises and the failure rate of independents. A recent study helps separate truth from fiction and we distill the highlights here.

Independents Week

Is just over a month away! In the U.S., it’s a time to celebrate not only independence as a nation, but the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom embodied by our independent businesses. The event provides a platform to help you generate positive attention for local entrepreneurs in the media, local government, and public alike. It’s not too late to use the many ready-made activity guides and graphics and the opportunity to support local businesses in your community (and they’re free).

Another Business Sector Where Local Ownership Delivers Huge Benefit: Recycling

In the Twin Cities, recycling is done by small firms and 90% of materials are sent to in-state manufacturers. In Washington, DC, recycling is done by huge firms like WMI, which prefers to landfill if that yields more profit and materials are sent far away. More on the story in Washington, DC from the Institute for Local Self Reliance.

What Do You Tell Makers About Selling on Amazon? I Tell Them To Try Not To

Online retailing expert Jules Pieri offers this advice to manufacturers, craftspeople and others: “It is not healthy to have one dominant customer in any business. Having said that, open your own marketplace. Never sell directly to Amazon.” 

Mobile Service Provider Mega-merger Would Boost Monopoly Profits at Great Cost to Consumers and Smaller Businesses

In related news, a recent International Monetary Fund study found mergers and acquisitions typically resulted in higher product markups — an average of eight percent post-merger.

When Community Journalism Shrinks, So Does Accountability

Beyond the obvious losses to communities, closing a small town newspaper opens the door to dysfunction or even corruption by local officials. One reason we’re investing to help people launch community-owned media. Read more about our insight on Community-Owned Business

“Addressing Monopolization in America’s Food System”

This new report from Open Markets provides concise narrative and data by sector. Recommended reading for all Independent Business Alliances.



InMotion Hosting 

(Renewing Sponsor) InMotion Hosting has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses of all sizes succeed online through ultra-reliable website hosting, digital solutions and professional services supported by extraordinary customer support. Learn more.

New Local Affiliates

  • Prairie Central Independent Business Alliance, Illinois (website coming soon!)
  • Experience Volcano, Volcano, Hawaii

New Business Members

News from Local and State AMIBA Affiliates

The Minnesota Indigenous Business Alliance

MNIBA produced a new one-minute video presenting its work through personalizing the stories of member businesses — something few local business coalitions do often enough! See our collection of tips and examples to help inspire a video for your organization.

Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo

BLGK was recipient of the donated proceeds from the Kalamazoo K-Wings annual jersey auction in the amount of $13,330. The K-Wings are a minor league hockey team. This was BLGK’s second year receiving this gift.

Portland Buy Local

Portland is keeping their pro-local messaging fresh for both the media and public by highlighting a different business sector each month of the year. Could this work for you?

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