Strength in Numbers, June 2013

Strength in Numbers, June 2013

Spread the Pro-Local Message to All Who Pass Your Business!

CIWL-rotatingAfter people suggested we make window signs based on the cover of our guide to effective “buy local” campaigns, we complied. See the back side of these new static cling decals and get yours here!

Also, you are welcome to use the rotating image on your site with intact link to this educational material (the landing page for those who capture the QR code on the decal).

Indie Business News and Reports from AMIBA Affiliates

Getting the Governor’s Ear
MetroIBA staff and board representatives met with Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton in early May to explore how to foster the creation and growth of independent businesses and ensure proposed legislation will not unduly burden them. This is one great way to build your organization’s presence and impact. Contact us if you’d like assistance in your state!

LIBA Seeks to Help Low-Income Neighborhoods Build Wealth through Entrepreneurism
The Louisville Metro Government is partnering with the Louisville Independent Business Alliance in developing events and programs designed to facilitate new locally owned, independent businesses in South Louisville — a low income area with many abandoned factories with an increasing immigrant population.

We’re excited to see mature IBAs like LIBA take on more ambitious work to spread economic opportunity as they solidify a culture of support for local business and entrepreneurism. We’ll report on their progress.

Indie Businesses giving Back
Austin IBA member Factory Mattress, responded to April’s deadly fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas by partnering with charitable organizations and mattress manufacturer Tempur-Pedic to provide free beds to people in need. More than 50 of the modestly-estimated 100 needy families had received beds when we received the report just days after the explosion. Factory Mattress also had donated more than 600 beds to the 2011 Bastrop, Texas wildfire relief effort.

In Brief

GLGL_logo_finalGo Local, Grow Local 2014
We’re headed to the Twin Cities for AMIBA’s next biennial conference, hosted by MetroIBA. Look for May dates and more details to be announced shortly!

The New York Attorney General urged insurers to stop forcing customers to purchase drugs from online drug stores.

Get to know people better while emailing them
Rapportive is a Gmail add-on that lets you see the face, LinkedIn profile and other publicly-available information about the person at the email address you are contacting. For Independent Business Alliances, it’s a helpful tool to get to know faces of your members, prospective members and others, as well as identify their areas of skill and interest (take it from us — it’s nice to see you!). It’s free.

Building a Voice for Community-Based Business
AMIBA continues to gain prominence as a go-to source for the perspective of independent businesses without a partisan agenda. In addition to multiple appearances on behalf of Sales Tax Fairness, recent media mentions include two NY Times articles and Fox Business (and this letter to the editor by co-director Jeff Milchen).

Welcome New AMIBA Affiliates

VancouverRetailAllianceWelcome to Buy Vancouver, Vancouver, WA and the Retail Alliance, Southeastern VA and new business member Graffito of New York, NY.

New Public Resources from AMIBA

Many Customizable Graphics Templates and Activities Added for Independents Week

This Independents Week (July 1-7), generate positive attention for independent businesses in your community and among your online followers. We facilitate this decentralized campaign to help engage your local independent businesses and community members in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurism and community.

We added more than a dozen new graphics templates this year, including web banners, print ads and Facebook-optimized messages. We also re-organized all resources to ease access and sharing. See the introduction and index here or go directly to view the menu of customizable graphics. Please share your plans with us, and we may feature you in a press release or follow-up story.  (See the full menu of graphics)

Hashtags Come to Facebook! #SoWhat?
AMIBA’s Alex Kelsey offers a primer for the uninitiated on hashtags and how to use them for your business or organization.

New Resources for AMIBA Affiliates

These links require logging in to Member Resources before viewing. If you are not yet a business member or affiliate, you can learn more here.

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