Strength in Numbers, December 2014

Strength in Numbers, December 2014

tiny-tails-fundraiserA Happy Tail of Going Local
An animal rescue group gets dropped by PetSmart, but a local business gives the story a happy ending.

Nebraska Community Turns Lack of Grocery Store Into Opportunity
Not only did Kilgore residents start their own store, they made it an entrepreneur incubator by having high school students help run the business.

Why Shopping Independent Stores This Holiday Season Should Be On Your To-Do List
Forbes is known as a champion for the interests of large corporations, but they’re singing our tune on this one.

Local Control of Broadband a Key to Economic Development
Top-notch internet service and prices for local residents, businesses and institutions is key to a vibrant local economy. With private sector competition lacking in so many places, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance developed this great toolkit to help communities explore ways to take care of themselves. The New Walmart?
We’re pleased to see the media now looking at Amazon Corporation more critically as its power expands dramatically. See a sampling of the best coverage from recent months in our All About Amazon library.

Advocates for Independent Business’ new infographic illustrates positive trends for independent business.

Local Successes and Media Coverage

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Massachusetts gained a $30,000 grant from the Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources to support their annual Boston Local Food Festival. SBN also drew more than 100 people to their holiday celebration fundraiser and silent auction, which netted more than $10,000 for SBN!

PrintLocal First Springfield generated some great coverage for their work supporting independent business in Illinois’ Capital Region.

MetroIBA director Mary Hamel is interviewed in the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Northboro Local First, a recent affiliate in Massachusetts, garnered a terrific debut article for their launch.

Dane County Buy Local “rocks” in Wisconsin.

Local First Utah made the news with several articles and TV spots, including this for their Shift Your Spending campaign.

Southern New Hampshire puts on the Plaid, thanks to Monadnock Buy Local,  which also pwas profiled by Shift Your Shopping.

Oakland Grown, in the birthplace of Plaid Friday, created a buzz for going local and independent.

The Louisville Independent Business Alliance employed a Shift Your Shopping contest to entice locals to explore new indie businesses.

Portland Buy Local’s (Maine) work was validated by Yelp, dubbing Portland the top city to buy local in 2014.

Leaders of AMIBA, Keep Saint Petersburg Local & Go Local Tacoma are interviewed in a new featured video by Respectful Revolution — a non-profit project highlighting examples of positive action across the U.S.

In Brief

Hallie-KronebuschWe’re excited to welcome Hallie Kronebusch to the AMIBA team as our new Operations Manager. Hallie’s many talents include professional graphic design, photography and website development.

If you’ve thought about a poster, ad, infographic or other item you that may help indie businesses or local Alliances, share your idea and perhaps we now can make it happen!

Crowdfunding Webinar
Our friends at the American Sustainable Business Council and Cutting Edge Capital present “The Better Way to Crowdfund” on January 14. Learn more or register (free).

Pro-Local Policy Expanded in San Francisco
After assessing the impact of its formula business restriction this fall, the City decided to strengthen it. For background on the topic, see this new article from The New Localization: Formula Business Restrictions & The Fight Against Cookie Cutter Places

Millionaire Grocery Clerks: The inspiring WinCo Foods story about the success of worker ownership.

Chains Put a Lock on First-Run Movies

North Dakotans Vote to Keep State’s Indie Pharmacy Protection Law

How Walmart Buys the Support of Food Advocacy Groups

Keep the Pro-Local Message Strong!


Don’t sit back just because Small Business Saturday and Plaid Friday are past–your local businesses still need support. Along with AMIBA’s large collection of free graphics and tools, be sure to check out materials from Shift Your Shopping, like this social media banner that you are welcome to use and help spread the message in mere moments!

Big thanks to Monadnock Buy Local, Causetown, Independent We Stand and Small Biz Survival for helping advance this year’s Shift Your Shopping effort.

We welcome you to re-purpose blurbs and graphics from our newsletter. Please attribute or link sources where appropriate.

The Challenge of “Free”

While “American Independent Business Alliance” may sound like a trade group, we’re a 501c3 educational organization that works to help build more vibrant, durable local economies and ensure ongoing opportunities for entrepreneurs in the face of global corporatization. We provide a wide array of free materials to our readers in order to get the pro-community, pro-independent business message out as widely as possible. But we can only do so if the people who value this work contribute to keep it going.

Your support will enable us to:
* help still more new community alliances launch effectively and build sustainable organizations
* continue producing effective educational tools that have been used by at least 32,000 individuals this year
* help spread pro-local policies to ever-more communities, and much more.

give-now-buttonIf you’re served by an AMIBA affiliate in your area, we encourage you to give local and support its work. If not, please become part of the Localization Movement and keep the success stories coming by making a tax-deductible gift of any size to AMIBA today. If you’re a business owner, check out our business memberships that help advance our work while offering you helpful materials. As with any non-profit you consider giving to, we encourage you to examine our record on Guidestar (see link on our donation page). Thank you!

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