Strength in Numbers, August 2018

Strength in Numbers, August 2018

What’s in a Name?

A lot. The names, logos, and taglines of local business groups play a big role in defining their identity and communicating who they serve. There’s a reason branding is an art — it’s important to not try to convey too much in your logo or use words that alienate stakeholders — such as retail-centric messaging. Learn how it limits potential reach, and browse examples of strong logos and taglines from AMIBA Affiliates.

Stop Time Theft By Robocalls

Almost everyone hates robocalls, but small business owners are victimized more than others because we can’t afford to let calls from unfamiliar numbers go unanswered. The Federal Communications Commission held a hearing on the topic August 16 and soon will be revising rules on the matter. We urge you to contact the FCC to prevent auto-dialers from calling your cellphone without consent and make sure you have the right to banish unwanted calls and texts. See the National Consumer Law Center for directions on how to comment.

When Disaster Strikes Community Support Matters More Than Ever


Local First’s “Let the Love Rain” Responds to Colorado Wildfires

When the nearby 416 Wildfire threatened to smoke out the residents of Durango, Colorado Local First responded with a “Let the Love Rain” Campaign: A weekend of celebration, support, and tribute to Durango’s economy with the theme of rain. The successful campaign came together in just a day. It led residents from neighboring communities to give their support to Durango and generated more than 26,000 engagements on Facebook alone.

Dane Buy Local Joins Community Efforts in the Wake of the Sun Prairie Explosion Disaster

On July 10th a gas leak resulted in a catastrophic explosion in the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin business district. While the effects of the explosion are devastating, the community response has been overwhelming. Dane Buy Local raised $11,000 for the affected businesses and hopes to raise more through their formal fundraiser later this month.

Growing Economies

Empowering New Americans to Start New Businesses

Maine is among many states recognizing the benefit of engaging new immigrants to launch community businesses and build their local economies. Learn the origin story of the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center and its founder — a Burundi native who studied economics and speaks six languages!

Welcome to Our New AMIBA Affiliates!

White Mountain Independents

We are excited to welcome this Mount Washington Valley network of locally owned and operated retail businesses in North Conway, Jackson, Bartlett and Intervale, New Hampshire.  

WSOSThis Community Action Agency is one of 52 CAAs in Ohio and 1,000 nationwide providing a wide variety of microenterprise loans, employment training and many other services. Local alliances in Carrollton, Sebring, Minerva and Fostoria, Ohio all will enjoy the benefits of AMIBA‘s support to help their local businesses

Please contact us to learn more about affiliation for multiple communities.

Welcome to Our New AMIBA Business Members!

Doe Valley Printing, LLC, Elizabethton, TN
Citywide Law Group, Los Angeles, CA

IBA Resources

Is Your Website (or Lack of) Holding You Back?

If your group’s website lacks effective search and mapping functions, or is not responsive for mobile users we urge you to explore our new WordPress website template, pre-populated with much of the content and functionality needed for local business organizations. This new resource can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of person-hours. Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance and Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses are examples of the first two AMIBA affiliates to employ the template for their sites. Contact us to learn more.

IBA Start-up Guide: Year 1 Roadmap

Starting an Independent Business Alliance (IBA) is a great way to make your community stronger together, but being motivated is not enough to make it a success. The first year often can be an eye-opening experience unless you know what to expect. Whether you have just started your IBA or you are thinking about starting one, referencing our IBA Start-up Guide will set you up for success.

Invest Local!

Our allies at BALLE and their work to shift foundations’ investments from Wall Street to communities was just profiled in the New York Times.

Small Business Can Save Your Community

Our friends at Strong Towns recognize you can’t have strong communities without a healthy foundation of locally-owned business.

Food For Thought: Farming News

Maine is doing their part to 
support local industry with a new binding commitment for state institutions to buy 20 percent of food and food products locally by 2025. The bill was introduced by Senator Eloise Vitelli. The University of Maine already has reached that goal. Contact us for policy ideas and guidance to advance local sourcing in your area! Also, see the Local Policy Action Toolkit from our allies at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

A Warning for Producers on the Danger of Dependence on Corporate Chains

In an example of how retail concentration undermines entrepreneurs in farming, manufacturing & other realms of production, one decision by Walmart executives threatens the existence of more than 100 family farms.

Amazon Insights

Amazon’s Government Purchasing Market May Cost Taxpayers Dearly

Amazon’s cornering on the marketplace in relationship to public schools and government agencies raises concerns and possibly tax bills for consumers.

We’re excited to share four Public Service Announcements (PSAs) as part of our Business Against Bigotry campaign. Please engage your local radio stations to broadcast that your community stands against hate and recognizes diversity as an asset for successful businesses and organizations. Learn more about how you can spread the message via social media AND in print. *NOTE: Custom co-branded versions of graphics can be made upon request.

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