Strength in Numbers, August 2012

Strength in Numbers, August 2012

Indie Business News Briefs

To Boost Small Business Credit, Think Small (Banks)
In 2010, the latest data available, lenders with less than $100 million in assets lent 87 percent of their total loan value to small businesses, as compared with only 26 percent for banks with more than $50 billion in assets. BusinessWeek has the details.

The Slow-Motion Collapse of American Entrepreneurship
This commentary from the Washington Monthly is among the most important articles of the year for anyone who cares about entrepreneurship and democracy.

dcbikeshareBikeshare Program Boosts Business — Including Bike Shops!
American University reports on the benefits Washington D.C.’s Bikeshare is delivering to local businesss. One interesting quote: “if you can build an area where people don’t need to spend [thousands of dollars annually on a car/second car], that money becomes available for the local economy. You see new restaurants, cafes, niche shops, and small businesses like ours.”

Rural and Urban Communities Act to Keep Local Grocery Stores
Minneola, Kansas Saves Its Grocery via community ownership while the City of New Orleans is Investing $1 Million in a Local Grocer to help it expand.

Share Your Requests on Federal Regulatory Reform
The Obama Administration set up a website to seek specific complaints and suggestions about regulations and processes that can be improved (or removed). You know they’ll hear plenty from corporate lobbyists–let’s make sure indies voices are heard, too. If you chime in, please copy us to inform us about your concerns.

Walmart Claims Its Stores Are Magnets for Small Businesses
But the data disagrees

Decal-Rotation-72dpiLoads of New Tools from AMIBA!

Our Most Popular Outreach Item, Now in Spanish
Thousands of independent businesses sport the English version of these 4″ x 6″ decals to thank customers for going local. Now you can show your appreciation en Español or bilingually!

Free Outreach Tools Added
Rotating website/email “ads” based on our popular poster series are now available to help you spread the pro-local message — completely free! Please check them out and share the link on your website, social media, etc.

NEW! Individual Business Affiliation Offered
An increasing number of business owners ask how they can tap into AMIBA’s resources and expertise if they’re not yet ready to “take the leap” to instigate an Independent Business Alliance locally. Others have asked about a membership motivated by desire to support our work and help keep the toolbox for local business advocates growing. In response, we’ve created two new membership packages that include a range of tools to help you spread the pro-independent message and perhaps attract interest that will lead to a local IBA.

Coming soon: a new article on how indies can combat “showrooming” and templates for Spanish bag stuffers. (Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see them long before next month’s newsletter.)

Local Action for Independents Week

There was too much news to include here from IBAs and other community groups participating, so please refer to our Independents Week news release for the rundown.

Fall Schedule for Presentations and Trainings

American Express OPENArranging a presentation or workshop has given a huge boost to both newly emerging and well-established pro-local campaigns or community alliances. As we noted in the previous newsletter, you now have the chance to host a local event at greatly reduced cost, thanks to support from American Express OPEN.

Based on your initial responses, we just planned tours in these regions:

  • Sept 25-28 for events in OR and WA
  • Oct 8-13 for events in New England, New York
  • Nov 5-9 for CA, NV, AZ, NM, CO and UT

Please contact us ASAP with inquiries or date requests. If you’re in KY, OH, IN, MT, WY or ID, dates are flexible, as facilitators can make day trips for individual events. We’ll plan additional regional tours based on your inquiries for November and beyond.

Welcome to the Newest AMIBA Affiliates

MileHighWelcome to the newest AMIBA affiliates: the newly-formed Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance and the established Mile High Business Alliance, serving metro Denver. Mile High’s “Business Spotlight” profiles are great examples of acting on our “make it personal” mantra. Also, MHBA is the only group to place a new job opportunity on the board this month.

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Boston has become SBN Massachusetts to reflect its growing influence.

Primer-front-coverBuilding “Buy Local” Campaigns that Shift Culture and Spending

If you requested a free copy of AMIBA’s new primer prior to July 31, your copy should arrive within one week. The next bulk mailing is is slated for August 31. If you’re eager to receive a copy before then,any order of educational merchandise includes a free copy (sent via First Class mail by the next business day).

Contact us for rates on bulk quantities for conferences, trade shows, etc. Of course, bulk quantities of this magazine and the new Spanish outreach materials are free to AMIBA affiliates–just ask.

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