Strength in Numbers, April-May 2016

Strength in Numbers, April-May 2016

Corporate Subsidies on the Wane?
Advocacy groups in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the latest to urge politicians to stop bestowing gifts on large corporations. Work by these groups, national allies like Good Jobs First — whose report on the topic we featured in our March newsletter — and many AMIBA affiliates at the local level, seem to be shifting discourse and policy. Bloomberg News reports corporate subsidies appear to be declining sharply.

Of course, stopping corporate welfare from undermining small business ultimately requires removing the power of large corporations to dominate our government, which is why AMIBA has helped make clear that genuine small business advocates oppose corporate electioneering privileges. We’re also proud to endorse the “We the People” Amendment, which would return corporations to their proper role: doing business.

NYC Police Entrap, Bully Small Business Owners to Push For Warrantless Searches
Many of the targeted owners are particularity vulnerable immigrants in minority neighborhoods. Perhaps the spark needed for indies in NYC to organize across business sectors?

Lost-LeaseHow Rising Commercial Rents Are Threatening Independent Businesses, and What Cities Are Doing About It
This new report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance addresses one of the biggest challenges facing independents today and some responses from cities. AMIBA affiliate communities comprise many of the examples. We’re eager to talk to anyone exploring local real estate investment funds (that would lease commercial space exclusively to local entrepreneurs) as a solution.

In related news, Stay Local’s work with City of New Orleans is bearing fruit as the City urges retail developers to dedicate space to locals.

The Future of Health is Local: Field Guide Connecting Social Determinants Of Health
This new report from Be a Localist and Kaiser Permanente documents how local economic development impacts public health.

Spread the Pro-Local Message in Your Community!

Come_In_Were_Local-inuseWe responded to requests from several businesses & groups by publishing a wholesale price list for the popular new “Love Local” decals, as well as long-time favorites like “Come In, We’re Local!” decals, “Why Buy Local?” posters and other popular materials. See them all!

Death of Local Grocers Leave Rural MN Communities Without Options Can coops help change this story? A new one prepares to fill a void in Minneapolis.

Putting Teeth Back into The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
Bank mergers are far too common these days, but offer a prime opportunity to make sure they are accountable to the communities they serve.

Lets Put Indie Business Concerns on the 2016 Election Agenda!
What question would you like to see asked of candidates for U.S. President? What policy or enforcement change do you most want to see in the U.S. or Canada? Share your thoughts here. Your responses will inform our upcoming policy platform and communications with elected representatives.

bookmobile-parnassusNashville’s Newest Bookstore Is an Old Van
Parnassus Books, a founding member of the Nashville IBA, adds to its repertoire and hits the pages of the New York Times.

The Community Independent Business Alliance of Corvallis, OR engaged member business Silverman Studios to create the first in a series of member spotlight videos incorporating an educational message and highlighting what’s special about each profiled business.

If your local group is considering videos to advance your message, be sure to visit our resource page on the topic, containing many more examples and tips.

Job Opportunities in the Localization Movement!
AMIBA announces a new position for a Development and Engagement Coordinator and internships. The New economy Coalition and American Sustainable Business Council also are hiring.

Indie-week-twitter-QDouglasTime to Plan Independents Week!

The 13th annual Independents Week is a celebration of independent businesses and the value of entrepreneurship. It provides a great “hook” to generate local attention and media coverage in connection with Independence Day.

AMIBA provides a large library of event ideas (with real examples and guidance) and graphics for a wide range of applications. These include templates for posters, web banners, print ads and even over-the-street banners. This campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. See the Indie Week introduction and index to get started. Please share your plans with us, and we may feature you in a press release! Follow @theAMIBA on Twitter for updates. Some have expanded the concept to all of July — we’re happy to adapt graphics upon request.

In Brief

How The JOBS Act Gets it Wrong — And Direct Public Offerings Get it Right

Study Guide to the Cooperative Movement

Can Social Insurance Unlock Entrepreneurial Opportunities?

What the Boom in Women-Owned Businesses Means for Cities
New research suggests cities could benefit from boosting support for female entrepreneurs.

Thank You to These Champions for Independent Business!

AMIBA’s support for community organizations and the range of free tools we provide would not be possible without the backing of our generous sponsors. See the many companies and non-profits supporting the Localization Movement here. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of becoming an AMIBA sponsor.

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