Strength in Numbers, April 2015

Strength in Numbers, April 2015

IndependentsWeek-posterTime to Plan Independents Week!

The 12th annual Independents Week is a celebration of independent businesses and the value of entrepreneurship. It provides a great “hook” to generate local attention and media coverage in connection with Independence Day.

AMIBA provides a large library of event ideas (with real examples and guidance) and graphics for a wide range of applications. Many of these are new for 2015 and include templates for posters, web banners, print ads and even over-the-street banners. This campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you can handle. See the Indie Week introduction and index to get started. Please share your plans with us, and we may feature you in a press release or follow-up story! Follow @theAMIBA on Twitter for updates.

Some communities have expanded the concept to an entire month and we’re happy to adapt graphics upon request.

phoenixVermont Bookstore Uses Centuries-old Crowdfunding Tool
While technology has broadened possibilities, crowdfunding is as old as business itself. Phoenix Books will bring a new store to Rutland this fall after selling scrip to more than 50 local residents and business owners, each of whom pre-purchased $1,000 worth of merchandise.

One Example of Why Independent Business Groups Should Develop Relationships at City Hall
This report from Detroit covers the routine property under-valuation schemes big box chains use to evade paying their fair share of taxes across the continent.

Don’t Let This Happen to Your City
Very cool, but disturbing new tool from the Oklahoma University Institute for Quality Communities shows the severe damage done by putting freeways through cities. (Use sliders to compare before and after.)

The Small Business Case Against Fast-tracking Trans-Pacific Partnership
AMIBA’s perspective on one of the hottest public policy debates this spring. The ASBC and David Korten are among others detailing serious problems with the “fast track” process.

Put a Stop to Stoplights
To make streets safer (and more inviting to potential customers), pay more attention to what people perceive and less to signage, says American Conservative.

News from Local Alliances

Helping Business Navigate Local Laws Efficiently…
Earlier this year, MetroIBA created a Rapid Response Team (RRT) to help member businesses deal with regulatory, licensing, and other issues typically involving government challenges. Their first success came quickly in February, when member Chocolat Celeste engaged the RRT to help with an urgent need to get a business license for a pop-up store to sell confections in time for Valentine’s Day. Metro IBA gained a quick resolution and gained another enthusiastic supporter.

…and Engaging with Government to Improve Them
Limiting smokestack pollution by coal plants is a big deal, less so for barbecue restaurants. When a member restaurant learned of an upcoming city council agenda consent item (meaning no discussion required) that would require expensive smokestack scrubbers for every restaurant or food truck that cooks with wood or charcoal, he asked the Austin IBA for help. AIBA contacted their membership, and none of their potentially affected members had heard about the proposed resolution. AIBA contacted each city council member asking the item to be pulled until the issue could be discussed by all parties and promptly succeeded.

Meanwhile, Austin IBA staff whittled down 28,428 ballots cast for their annual Armadillo Awards, honoring the best of Austin’s local businesses, which will be awarded this week.

Welcome New AMIBA Affiliates

New from AMIBA

We-Welcome-Everybody-hands“We Welcome Everybody” Signs

Send a clear message that your community and business reject discrimination and are open to all.

You are welcome to use these graphics on your website and social media pages or print 11” x 8.5” version for your business. We also offer these in Spanish and will create versions for other languages free upon request. Click image to view large versions.

Expanded Spanish Resources

We’ve fully translated our popular multiplier effect page (including our most popular graphs), anti-discrimination signs and Amazon/job elimination graphic and more. See the growing collection of Spanish articles and images here.

Twitter-IndieBooksellerDay-DoctorCelebrate Independent Bookstores!

May 2 marks this year’s celebration of independent bookstores in both the U.S. (Independent Bookstore Day) and Canada (Authors for Indies).

Help spread the indie love with these shareables.

Indie News Brief Links

Jersey City May Become 2nd-Largest U.S. City to Limit Chain Businesses

A Centuries-Old Buffalo Recipe Transforming a Troubled Community

Largest Corporations in Louisiana Go Tax-Free

Regulatory Relief Proposal for Banks that Rarely Fail
(free NY Times registration needed to view)

What’s Behind the Total Dearth of Bank Start-ups?

American Entrepreneurship Is Diminishing — Here’s Why

MothersDay-giftMother’s Day Graphics

Help inspire people to seek out independent restaurants, retailers, florists and services with these timely reminders! (Mother’s Day is May 10.)

And if you’e considering sending flowers, please read this first!

GLA-Twitter-quote-JermynDon’t Just Buy Local, Give Local!

AMIBA is proud to partner with Give Local America to promote May 5 as Give Local Day. Community foundations nationwide are urging citizens to give locally to support the essential work of area non-profit organizations.

We encourage independent businesses to use the opportunity to highlight the non-profits they support and to demonstrate the strong bond between local non-profits and indies. We’ve created this page of action ideas and graphics to help businesses and pro-local groups to engage.

New to Member Resources

The public resources on AMIBA’s website are just the tip of the iceberg. AMIBA affiliates have access to hundreds of templates, how-to articles, customizable graphics and more at their fingertips. Learn more about affiliation. (Log in first, then click the links below)

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