CIBA implemented a Welcome Dollars  Program, designed to turn new community residents into new customers for member businesses.  CIBA member business participation is free.

Program details:

  • Local professional employment recruiters purchase CIBA Welcome Dollars coupons at face value from the CIBA office.  Coupons are worth $10 and have no inherent cash value.
  • The recruiters give the CIBA Welcome Dollars coupons to the professionals who are being recruited for employment in Corvallis.
  • CIBA Welcome Dollars will encourage those professionals to get to know Corvallis by patronizing Corvallis’ unique local shops & restaurants.
  • CIBA Welcome Dollars may be accepted at face value by any CIBA member business that handles cash sales.
  • Redemption of accepted CIBA Welcome Dollars occurs at the CIBA office for full face value.
  • CIBA has an embosser with CIBA’s logo on it.  Each coupon is embossed, indicating its validity. Coupons are marked with an expiration date; participating businesses are asked not to accept expired coupons.

Future expansion of this program will include realtors providing Welcome Dollars to clients as move-in gifts.
Welcome Dollars are printed three to a sheet of 8-1/2” x 11” paper.

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