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  • AMIBA’s “Why Buy Local?” Poster Series (click hyperlink above to view images)
    We have provided the original designs for our affiliates to co-brand for local use by adding your own IBA logo. Please note:  AMIBA’s logo and contact information must remain in the design.
  • “Keep the Green in the Valley” — two versions
    Produced by the Blackstone Valley IBA – View PDF files here: Poster 1 | Poster 2
  • Portland Buy Local series
    The Portland Independent Business & Community Alliance owes much of their effectiveness to their visibility. This growing series of posters illustrate the local possibilities for finding needs for events and everyday life. (Click images for larger view [pdf will launch in new window])



Dane Buy Local created this useful and educational infographic (printed on card stock) explaining the mission of the organization, the benefits of doing business locally and data showing the contribution of independent businesses to the community. Dane recruiters hand this out when recruiting new members at networking events, to citizens at tabling events and to potential funders and partners. Click on image to view larger version.


Educational Radio Ads

See our tips for creating and submitting radio public service announcements (PSAs)

The Summit IBA created public service announcement-like educational radio spots that were underwritten by member businesses for an Independents Week promotion. This is an idea that could be employed anytime! Click for details

AMIBA has created some PSAs you can distribute in your community — take a listen here!

Public Presentations

  • AMIBA can provide you with a PowerPoint slide presentation with speaker’s notes for local adaptation and use — call us for the latest.
  • Read our recommendations for creating effective and memorable slide shows. We also recommend this free pamphlet (pdf – content starts on page 10) by the Goodman Center.
  • Want more? You might find items of special interest within this list of presentation resources compiled by Prezi.
  • We suggest having an AMIBA speaker provide a presentation in your community at least once and then take the message to many groups yourself. Details here
    • Watch a video recording a presentation by Jeff Milchen for Local First Springfield. Password = “thinklocal1st”
  • Effective publicity and outreach will help ensure you have the people you want in the room — and that your event has the best possible chance to succeed. See your page of pointers and templates to help!

AMIBA Outreach Materials – Affiliate Rates

AMIBA Logos & Webstickers

Member Resources
AMIBA Overview
Renew Your AMIBA Affiliation
Share Your Story
AMIBA Programs for Affiliates
New Tools: Database/Communications Package and Website Template
501c6 Group Exemption Program
AMIBA 501(c)(6) Group Exemption Program FAQs
501c3 or 501c6 Status: Which Should We Choose?
How to Complete Your 990N Postcard
Instructions for completing the IRS Schedule C
Maintaining Your Status in AMIBA's 501c6 Exempt Group
Resources for Tax-exempt Groups
Fiscal Sponsorship Program Info and Resources
Fiscal Sponsorship Program Guidelines
How to Handle Funds You Receive
The Flow of Funds -- What to Expect and Do with Funds Raised in AMIBA's Fiscal Sponsorship Program
Membership Recruitment and Retention
Sample Member Recruitment Page for Indie Business Coalitions
The Value of Surveying Your Business Members
Automated Dues Payments
Setting up an Electronic Funds Transfer for Member Dues Collection
Business Membership Dues
Citizen Membership Dues
Community Organization Membership
Ideas for Engaging Community Organizations
Dues Collection Information & Suggestions
Member Recruitment
Engaging Member Businesses in Member Recruitment
Member Welcome Kit
Membership Brochures
Recommendations for Dealing with Franchises, Co-ops & Recruitment Grey Areas
Should Franchises Be Part of "Buy Local" Initiatives?
Sample Statement on Dealing with Local Franchises
Automotive Dealerships
Gas Stations
Who Sells Motor Fuels in the United States?
IBA Program & Project Ideas
B2B Shift Your Spending Challenge
B2B Shift Challenge – Milwaukee Form
B2B Shift Challenge – Milwaukee Announcement to Businesses
Buy Independent, Buy Local Campaign
Sponsorship Outline — Shift Happens Campaign
Community Benefit Card Press Release Example
Farm to Restaurant Program
Farm to Restaurant Program Overview
Farm to Restaurant Program Graphics
Farm to Restaurant Program Funding Proposal
Local Business Bingo – Raleigh, NC
Portland "Eat Local" Map / Directory
Rapid Response Team — a Tangible Member Benefit
Time Capsule Book
Public Education & Media
AMIBA's Tips for Effective Presentations
Tips for Successful Facebook Posts and Facebook Closed Group Contributions
Corvallis IBA "Welcome Dollars" Program
Engaging Young People
Enticing Community Newcomers to Buy Local
Hashtags Come to Facebook! #SoWhat?
Media Resources
Press Release Example – Holiday, Including Shift Your Shopping and Small Business Saturday
Press Release Example: Decrying Amazon-UW Partnership
Letter and Op-Ed Examples
Don't Forget Portland's Locally-Owned Businesses
Letter Example — Big Box Not in Community Character
Letter example: Community not hostile to business, just subsidies given to national retailers
Letter to Editor Example – Humboldt
Letter to Editor Example – Raleigh
Op-Ed: Portland Buy Local
How to Arrange an Editorial Board Meeting (and Why You Should)
Op-Ed Outline and Lead Tips
Op-Ed and Persuasive Writing Tips
Press Release Example: Positive Outlook
Press Release Example Spun for Holiday/Year End Launch
Press Release: General Example
Press Release Template
Public Service Announcement Examples
Tips on Effective Letters to the Editor
TV Ad Examples
Tips and Resources for Outreach with Video
Videos from Independent Businesses
Why Support Locally Owned Businesses
Why Support Locally Owned Businesses – Portland Buy Local
Trade Associations
AMIBA Member Web Stickers
AMIBA Affiliates Web Decals and Logos

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