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Booking an AMIBA Speakers Bureau speaker is a great way to catalyze or advance pro-local business organizing in your area and we do everything in our power to ensure the process is a simple one.

To book an event AMIBA Speakers Bureau please contact:

Derek Peebles
Executive Director
[email protected]


Costs and Deposit

The cost of booking an event with AMIBA Speakers Bureau will depend on your preferred speaker, location, dates and duration of the engagement.

At the time of booking a deposit of projected travel expense + $300 is due. The remaining balance of the total contracted amount will be due upon completion of the presentation. We will strive to schedule multiple engagements within your region once you confirm a date and spread travel expenses among multiple hosts.

On-site Logistics

Please reference this list of items required the day of your event.


  • LCD Projector (we’ll carry a remote)
  • Projection screen or large, white wall (we’ll connect our own laptop unless you’ll be using a house system)
  • Wireless microphone if audience or room size requires it (ask if in doubt)
  • Table for projector and laptop with two electric outlets at projector location
  • Table to display handout items provided by AMIBA (6 or 8 feet)

    NOTE: For events including a workshop component, circular seating during the workshop portion is recommended.

Publicize your event

Maximize attendance while saving time with templates for fliers, news releases, social media…

Interested in booking a presentation?

Get in touch! We’ll discuss pricing, timeline, and topics with you directly.

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