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We can offer the lowest costs to hosts when events are booked four months or more in advance. This allows us ample time to schedule additional events in a region and pass savings along to all hosts. Note: you incur no additional cost to hold a same-day training/workshop  in conjunction with a presentation. When scheduling permits, an evening presentation followed by a morning workshop may be possible.


We generally prefer to offer you an all-inclusive cost after learning your preferred date(s), location and goals/needs. This allows you to know your exact costs up front and usually will save you money over a speaking fee + expense reimbursement arrangement.

We require a deposit sufficient to cover flights and all travel reservations + $300, with the remaining balance due upon completion of the presentation. AMIBA will make all travel plans unless otherwise arranged.

Please contact us with your location, interests and potential dates for a written quote or call 406-582-1255.

On-site Logistics

  • LCD Projector
  • Projection screen or large, white wall (we normally provide a laptop to connect unless you’ll be using a house system)
  • Wireless microphone if audience / room size necessitates amplification (talk to us if in doubt)
  • Table for projector and laptop with two electric outlets at projector location
  • Table for display items (6 or 8 feet).
  • For events including a workshop component, flexible seating that allows for circular seating during the workshop portion is recommended.

We provide handout materials relevant to the topic.


If you are enjoying underwriting from American Express to cover a portion of your event cost, you have agreed to include language similar to “Thank you to American Express for helping make this event possible for (insert organization(s) or community names)” on your press releases, fliers and web pages that promote the event, along with the American Express logo. Download the logo for use on print or web.  Please provide us with links to any applicable web pages and fliers.

Publicize your event

Maximize attendance while saving time with templates for fliers, news releases, social media…

Tips and Templates

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