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Do You Want To… 

  • Elevate your “buy local” campaign from a nice idea to a game-changing influence that drives more sales to local independent businesses?
  • Provide inspiring and actionable models for your conference participants or students?
  • Shift your local government’s economic focus from recruiting distant corporations to helping local entrepreneurs prosper and fostering new opportunities?

As more than one hundred organizations and communities can attest, there’s no better way to initiate an effective pro-local business campaign or boost the impact of existing groups than an AMIBA presentation or workshop in your community.

You invigorated my board and me to keep pushing and stay out of the rut I feared we might get into. My board [of directors] is on fire… I’m so glad we affiliated and engaged AMIBA for this training! — Andy Terrell

Whether you’re looking for a compelling educational session at your conference, a speaker to inspire localization work in your area or a focused workshop to implement a buy local campaign or other specific initiatives, AMIBA has speakers and facilitators to help you succeed.

Presentation & TrainingUniquely, all of AMIBA’s workshops are led by people with years of experience actually organizing local Alliances and assisting other communities to implement pro-local business initiatives. You can even combine workshops with consultations, media interviews, or meetings with key individuals in order to get the most out of a presentation or training.

We also offer keynote talks relating to independent business, localization, the elements of durable local economies and more. See some of our most popular topics.

We’re happy to put you in touch with the community groups, trade associations, conferences, universities, and others that have enjoyed the benefits of our programs. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and get information on scheduling and costs. AMIBA affiliates receive a substantial discount on presentations and trainings! Learn more about affiliation.

Bring us to your community!

We’d love to discuss topics, scheduling, logistics, costs or any other questions you may have.

Working with AMIBA was vital in transforming our work from a concept to a real movement.

Amy Fuentes

Fresno, CA

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