Passing the Torch: AMIBA Co-founders Jennifer Rockne and Jeff Milchen on the Evolution of AMIBA

After co-founding and directing AMIBA for more than 18 years, we’re excited to announce the next stage in AMIBA’s evolution and congratulate our new Director, Derek Peebles. 

The demand for AMIBA became obvious in 1998, when Jeff began fielding inquiries from other communities seeking ways to organize and support their local businesses just months after co-founding the first Independent Business Alliance in Boulder, Colorado. Since founding AMIBA in 2001, we’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of dedicated entrepreneurs, local organizers and other visionary people working to build broadly shared economic opportunity and empower citizens and communities.

We’ve been inspired by the real difference so many local Alliances have made in transforming thinking about economic development, engaging residents in shaping their communities and, critically, shifting spending from distant corporations to their local entrepreneurs! The time is right for AMIBA to get a blast of new energy, ideas and perspectives, to evolve and improve upon the Independent Business Alliance model and the support AMIBA provides for our network of local and regional organizations.

We’re excited to help Derek and our dedicated board of directors as they guide AMIBA’s evolution and expect to see AMIBA’s impact and benefit to local Alliances grow for years to come. We’re formally helping with the leadership transition through October before moving on to new adventures. We invite you to stay in touch with us! 

You can connect with Jeff and follow his work on Twitter: @JMilchen or via Gmail: [email protected]

Connect with Jennifer on Gmail: [email protected]

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