AMIBA’s fiscal sponsorship program is designed to help local business coalitions gain access to grants and large charitable gifts (under our 501c3, donations received are tax deductible). The program guidelines outline the sponsor/sponsee relationship and answer most questions — do feel free to contact us. Below are the guidelines and our agreement. Please note: to use most resources on this page, your group must be enrolled in AMIBA’s Fiscal Sponsorship program (there is no cost for current affiliates).

To apply:

Fiscal sponsorship program guidelines (also in pdf for print distribution) Fiscal sponsorship agreement (pdf)

Accept in-kind donations

Your group can accept donated goods and services through the fiscal sponsorship program.  Because of the nature of these gifts (i.e. they do not pass through AMIBA), we do not charge an administrative fee for them. Please complete and submit this form for each item or service.  By completing the form, we receive from you the information we need to provide an acknowledgment and allow your donor to deduct their gift from their taxes.  

How do we handle funds we receive?

How often do we send?  What if we receive cash?  We provide instruction for how to handle donor checks, cash, in-kind gifts, and the skinny on premiums for donations from all funding sources including donations, matching gifts, grants and more.

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