The easiest and most convenient way to obtain your new group’s Federal Employer Identification Number (aka FEIN or EIN) is via the Internal Revenue Service’s website,  We walk you through the process so you can complete the form properly:   1.  Visit the IRS website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Apply Now” 2.  Click “Begin Application” 3.  Identify the kind of organization you are starting.  Click the button for “View Additional Types, Including Tax-Exempt and Governmental Organizations” and click Continue: ein-legal-structure-1 4.  Next, you’ll clarify your “Additional Type.”  Indicate “Other Non-Profit/Tax-Exempt Organization,” then click Continue: ein-orgtype-2 5.   Click Continue on the next screen. 6.  Indicate your reason for needing an EIN — “Started a New Business,” then click Continue: ein-why-3 7.  Next, indicate an individual is the responsible party (filing agent), then click Continue: ein-respparty-4 8.  Insert your identification.  The social security number must match the submitter’s name (yes, the sytem verifies this).  Indicate you are the responsible and authorized agent.  Click Continue: ein-organizer-5 9.  Provide the location for your new organization — this can be your business or a home address, if you don’t have designated office space.  Do not use a PO Box for this purpose.  Including your name is optional.  If you prefer mail be sent to a PO Box, click Yes.  Click Continue: ein-location-6 10.  Indicate your organization’s legal name.  If using the Independent Business Alliance name, spell it out (don’t use “IBA” as we did in the example!)  A trade name is not necessary.  Indicate your group’s start date.  Click Continue: ein-orgname-7 11.  The next screen should assign you your new FEIN — EIN Success!  Keep this number in a convenient place (frequent users likely will memorize it), as you’ll need it with some frequency during the life of your new organization.

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