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Dane Buy Local: Membership Survey Example

Dane Buy Local issues a survey to their business members annually to gain valuable feedback on the effectiveness and value of programs, initiatives, and outreach.  It also gives them a way to benchmark the organization’s progress as they grow.   Answer options for questions offering them are indicated with bullet points — these would have a check box or radio button on the survey.

Dane Buy Local uses Survey Monkey to deploy their survey to members.  If you don’t do this already, consider starting — and you can customize Dane Buy Local’s example for your group’s purposes.  AMIBA provides access to a survey tool as a benefit of your affiliation — contact us to learn more!

1.  How did you first hear about Dane Buy Local?

2.  What is the most valuable component of Dane Buy Local?

3.  Which of the following benefits did you value in the last year?

4. Please list the top three benefits that you value most

5.  Which Dane Buy Local marketing techniques get the most attention and comments from your customers/clients (check all that apply)?

6.  What are the four seminar topics you are most interested in at a Breakfast Meeting? (check 4 topics)

7.  How does your organization support and give back to the local economy?  (check all that apply)

8. Please select which local businesses you have purchased products or services from in the past year.  Also, please list the business names you have worked with.

9.  How has your Dane Buy Local membership positively impacted your business?  If you’re willing to share your story as a testimonial, please indicate below.  Thank you.

10.  To become more involved with Dane Buy Local, would you be interested in…