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Recent Additions (December 2015)

Local First (Durango, CO)  created an event called Noel Night, featuring graphics like this for member businesses.
Go Local Sonoma created marketing package for member businesses with recommendations on how to use them and printed materials available. Also see their other pieces: Outdoor digital sign boards (PDF) Local magazine spread Sonoma County Gazette holiday story Holiday insert in Boho 2015 Radio Go Local
Louisville IBA’s Holiday customizable image, and other resources: hoLOUdays Booklet Cover Spreads (PDF) hoLOUday Entry Postcard (PDF) hoLOUdays Logo hoLOUdays Facebook cover photo

portland-holiday-window-croppedHoliday Window Wraps

Portland Buy Local (ME) arranged with owners of commercial buildings with vacant spaces to use their windows to send a big “Buy Local” message for the holidays. We designed templates based on this great idea to make it easy for you to do this locally.

Holiday Punchcard

The Summit IBA (CO) created a punchcard program to encourage holiday shoppers to patronize SIBA member businesses for their gift and entertaining needs and become eligible for a handsome prize.  The card also captures the amount spent at SIBA member businesses, providing SIBA with valuable data they can factor using the local economic multiplier to determine the return to the community (and this is only for cards that get turned in).

Home for the Holidays Customer Incentive Campaign

This month-long campaign was created by the Capital Area IBA in Springfield, IL. Each week a drawing was held, and 25 citizens each won 3 gift certificates worth at least $75 to spend at CAIBA member stores. “Along with engaging residents, this also was a successful member recruiting effort – once business owners knew they’d be part of the holiday campaign, we had a bunch of new businesses join.” – Sharon Whalen, (former) CAIBA president “Holiday Passport” prize drawing variation The Louisville IBA conducts a shopping spree prize drawing in conjunction with their annual holiday Shift Your Shopping campaign. One lucky winner receives $1000 in gift certificates at LIBA member businesses.  To compete, citizens needed to get a copy of LIBA’s member directory which contained an entry form.  Contestants must make purchases from a minimum of five LIBA member businesses and submit their form with the receipts, and they could enter more than once. LIBA gained a committed winner, but they also gained some data they can use to support their work to members and the community: For the 2013 contest:
  • At least $142,000 in sales were recorded from the contest
  • More than 326 LIBA business members were patronized by entrants
  • More than 1/3 of entrants visited a new business because of the contest

Gift Tag

liba-holiday-tagThe Louisville IBA is one of many affiliates to produce gift tags that inform recipients of their gifts’ origins and let them know you deliberately chose a local independent! (See a free pdf template from AMIBA) LIBA supplied them as stickers to member businesses in rolls of 100 to distribute with gift purchases. See how LFU created a simple and effective photo contest using the gift tags! Utah Local First created a package of printed gift tags, point-of-sale counter display cards and a social media marketing kit to sell on their website to businesses wanting to utilize them.  The tags also were available in bulk quantities of varying numbers.   austin-iba-christmas-gift-tagThe Austin IBA gave member businesses incentive to use and promote their gift tags by making them request them.  In exchange for providing the gift tags in-store, AIBA promoted those businesses to holiday shoppers on a special Shop Local for the Holidays page on the AIBA website.  Features included a photo and 100-word description.  AIBA also promoted the businesses via social media and newsletter.  AIBA produced the 2″ x 3.5″ gift tags (including a punched hole) on gloss-front paper with a matte back. (Click image to view larger)

efetus-sockittome-1Online Holiday Gift Guide

Metro IBA creates a gift guide of suggested gift items from their member businesses. Portland Buy Local created a holiday gift guide organized by unique categories, such as ‘For the hostess with the mostest’ and ‘For the friend that’s always looking for something new to do or try.’

Public Service Announcements

AMIBA-recorded PSAs: My Party (00:45) — describes how much easier and special throwing a holiday party can be by going local Oh, You Shouldn’t Have (00:45)  Create wonderful holiday memories and gain great value by going local Radio Go Local – A collection of PSAs from Go Local Sonoma County Coop  

Holiday Window Display Contest

The Austin IBA coordinates an annual window decorating contest for their IBIZ Districts, which encourages pedestrians and patrons to vote for their favorite in each district.  Voting occurs online, and voters are able to enter a drawing for one of several stockings full of gift certificates and other items from AIBA member businesses.  The winning businesses in each district then compete head-to-head to win the honor of King of Window Displays.

Storefront Displays Using IBA Educational Materials

PIBCA also worked with member businesses with storefronts to integrate IBA merchandise and educational materials into their own in-store and storefront displays.  The impact was significant — shoppers and passersby saw the IBA and “Buy Local” message repeatedly, and a PIBCA post-campaign survey indicated the campaign influenced both shopping habits, stores’ visibility and bottom line significantly. (Click photos for larger image)

Storefront Displays Using IBA Educational Materials

PIBCA also worked with member businesses with storefronts to integrate IBA merchandise and educational materials into their own in-store and storefront displays.  The impact was significant — shoppers and passersby saw the IBA and “Buy Local” message repeatedly, and a PIBCA post-campaign survey indicated the campaign influenced both shopping habits, stores’ visibility and bottom line significantly. (click images to view larger) portland tshirtportland holiday posterportland image display

Examples of IBA’s Holiday Ads and Posters

Portland Buy Local Poster/Web Ad  

Customized Ads & Gift Tags

Ready for you to insert your group’s logo and url in the large ornament! Open the pdf in an image manipulation program such as PhotoShop and insert your logo and url. We’re also happy to provide you with the native file — just ask!  And we’ll even do the work for you if you prefer — just email us a 300 dpi logo and request the ornaments ad.
Blue Version: “Gift More Thoughtfully” ad/poster Original file (pdf): 11″ x 8.5″
“Give a Gift to Your Community” ad/poster Room for your logo (pictured to the left) (pdf): 11″ x 8.5
Gift Tag #2 – with room for your logo Original file (pdf): 11″ x 8.5″ includes 10 tags per page
Statement Stuffers A locally-owned Maine bank created and placed these into their monthly statements preceding the Christmas shopping season. Printable version (pdf) See also AMIBA templates for bag and statement stuffers (for any time of year)  
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