Our job is to help you succeed, and in addition to providing you with programs and resources created by your peers, AMIBA also develops programs designed to assist IBAs.  As we develop programs for our affiliates, we will post them here, but you’ll also find them cross-linked in appropriate places throughout Member Resources.

501(c)(6) Group Exemption Program

AMIBA is approved by the IRS to allow qualified IBAs to apply to AMIBA for federal tax exempt status under Section 501c6 of the Internal Revenue Code.  This status exempts approved affiliates from paying federal income tax (organizations remain obligated for payroll tax liabilities and any tax on unrelated business income). Once approved by AMIBA, the affiliate gains tax exempt status immediately.  Click for program information

Fiscal Sponsorship Program

AMIBA, as a 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organization, can provide fiscal sponsorship for donations and grants to our non-charitable affiliates for their charitable public education work through this program.  AMIBA holds these funds in escrow on your behalf and releases them upon written request.  Click for program information

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