Information for Qualifying Participants in AMIBA’s 501c6 Group Exemption Program

Please Note:  If you are not a participant in AMIBA’s 501c6 Group Exemption Program, follow instructions provided by the IRS for completing and submitting your online postcard.  We are happy to help guide you to information or answer your questions!   How to complete your 990N Postcard!   Log-in page (as the submitter, you’ll need to create your own log-in information — you have the option to do so or to reset your password below the log-in entry).  This tutorial takes you through profile preparation, which continues into form submission.  If you only need to submit the form, you’ll find your start page in the line-up below! 1-990N-tutorial   This is the first page within the profile section.  “Preparer” means someone who manages submissions for multiple entities.  You’ll select “Exempt Organization.” 2-990N-tutorial     3-990N-tutorial     Unless you’re a “preparer,” you’ll see just your group’s EIN listed.  Click “Create New Filing” to get started on your 990N postcard.   4-990N-tutorial       5-990N-tutorial   If you don’t need to create or change your profile, this is your starting point.   6-990N-tutorial   The following two images are from the same web page — you’ll need to scroll down to complete all the blanks.   8-990N-tutorial   You’ll see the verification of your filing.  You can log out at this point — but be sure to save a copy of your filing for your records or be sure your board secretary receives a copy, and email one to AMIBA (part of your ongoing obligation to AMIBA as part of the Group Exemption Program)!   9-990N-tutorial    

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