Marketplace Fairness Act Endorsement Sign-On Letter

The Honorable
United States Senate (the letter also will go to all House members)
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator:

The undersigned companies and state and national trade associations respectfully request that you vote yes to a proposed amendment to the fiscal year 2014 Senate Budget Resolution in support of S. 336, the Marketplace Fairness Act. The Marketplace Fairness Act would level the playing field for all sellers while assisting the states in collecting approximately $23 billion in uncollected state sales taxes that are currently due on Internet and other remote sales. The bill was introduced by a strong bi-partisan group of Senators, led by Senators Enzi, Alexander, Heitkamp and Durbin — to address the inequality in today’s marketplace.

At issue is a decades-old Supreme Court ruling, issued in 1992 before the pervasiveness of Internet commerce, which prohibits states from requiring remote sellers to collect sales and use taxes owed on purchases from out-of-state vendors. This has created an unfair price disadvantage for brick-and-mortar businesses, has led to budget shortfalls for states as sales taxes go uncollected, and has placed an undue burden on consumers who do not realize they owe the sales tax if it is not collected by the seller, leaving them to face penalties and increased scrutiny from state auditors.

We support the Marketplace Fairness Act because it would give states the authority to manage their sales tax laws while addressing this issue. Only Congress can grant this authority to the states. S. 336 represents the best thinking of all the stakeholders and provides a pathway forward for states to collect sales taxes, simplify their sales tax statutes, and assist vendors with compliance, while providing for a robust $1 million small business exemption.

As the Congress seeks solutions to address the federal budget and the impacts of sequestration, the Marketplace Fairness Act is a proposal that will help states facing their own budget shortfalls without increasing the federal deficit. Congress has an opportunity to enhance states’ rights over sales tax collection authority and in the process level the playing field for all merchants. Please support the budget amendment on S. 336, the Marketplace Fairness Act, because the time has come update our local and state sales tax laws.


The Undersigned Companies and Local, State and National Associations

If your company or organization supports this legislation and would like to appear as an endorser, please email us your name, title and contact information. The letters will be sent by the Marketplace Fairness Coalition, a collaboration facilitated by the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

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