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Help us create a stronger voice for independent businesses nationwide!

AMIBA membership is open to independent businesses (including community- and worker-owned co-ops), community-based non-profit organizations and individuals.

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About our Benefits & Fees

Explore the different AMIBA Member levels and associated benefits & fees below.


Let’s learn together.  Benefits include:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Facebook group
  • Member resource library 
  • Member orientation webinar

Only $5/month or $60/year


Helping to grow local economies. Benefits include all of the Friend level, plus:

  • Quarterly webinar
  • Monthly digital meeting
  • Organizational templates
  • Organizational guides
  • Presentation templates

Only $10/month or $120/year


Spearheading the growth of your local economy.  Benefits include all of Supporter level, plus:

  • 10% discount on conference registration
  • Listing on Independent Business Champions page
  • Up to three (3) customized AMIBA graphics per year

Only $50/month or $600/year


Leading the development of new solutions for local economies.  Includes all of Champion level, plus:

  • Identified on AMIBA home page with Alliances and Affiliates
  • Discount on consultation (see list for specialized topics)
  • Annual conference VIP reception
  • Conference display space
  • Up to two (2) customized pieces of content (AMIBA content with local angle incorporated)

Only $125/month or $1,500/year


Blazing the trail for tomorrow’s local economies.  Includes all of Leader level benefits, plus:

  • Collaborative development of one (1) white paper with AMIBA staff
  • More details to follow

Only $416.67 month or $5,000/year

A Note About Business Membership

We’re happy to help individual businesses spread the pro-independent message and offer two membership levels. While non-profit businesses also may join, note that these individual memberships do not convey the extensive benefits of organizational affiliation, which you’ll want if you aim to start a local business coalition in your community.

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