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We’re happy to help individual businesses spread the pro-independent message and offer two membership levels. While non-profit businesses also may join, note that these individual memberships do not convey the extensive benefits of organizational affiliation, which you’ll want if you aim to start a local business coalition in your community. In addition to receiving the benefits noted below, you’ll be helping us create a stronger voice for independent businesses nationwide! (More about AMIBA.) AMIBA membership is open to independent businesses (including co-ops, worker-owned and community-owned), community-based non-profit organizations and individuals. For other businesses, please see sponsorship opportunities.


Standard Membership — $95 annually


12 items of your choice from among the following:


Note: the entire amount of your business membership can be applied toward affiliation for a local organization if your outreach attracts other interested people.

Premium Membership — $500

You will receive the benefits listed in the Basic Membership, plus:

  • Up to 100 units of the items offered with the Basic Membership upon request.
  • Access to AMIBA staff with extensive publishing and media experience to help develop customized op-eds relating to the benefits of going local or make appearances in your local media.
  • Why Buy Local? bag stuffer (eight different answers to the question on back), customized with your business name, logo and website. We also can provide a Spanish template or statement-stuffer size.
  • Priority consideration for media referrals.
  • $300 credit toward either AMIBA organizational affiliation for your community organization or a community presentation/training to spark local action.
  • License to use trademarked slogans “Come In, We’re Local,” “Put Your Money Where Your House Is” and “You’re Not A Clone, Why Shop At One?” (in your business’ materials only).
  • Free customization of any AMIBA-produced graphics/ads, (we also have other seasonal libraries). We’ll translate any ad to Spanish upon request.
  • Listing with your logo and website link on the Independent Business Champions page.
  • Why Buy Local?” poster template customized with your logo and desired information in lower left (for local printing).
  • Free phone consultation to assist with your public education efforts or to help advance pro-local policy initiatives.

Look local:  Please see if you have a local Independent Business Alliance serving your area and join it! If you serve primarily a local customer base, they will provide more direct benefit than AMIBA. If you’re with a business that may not fit the “business member” criteria, but supports our mission and does not compete with independent community-based businesses, please contact us to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Become a Member

If You Prefer to Pay by Check:

Print this form and send a check with your application by mail to the address noted on the form.

Would you like to suggest a member benefit? Tell us! Email or call us at 406-582-1255 — also for questions or to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

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