Database/Communications Package and Website Template

In response to long-recognized needs and feedback from dozens of local and state business coalitions, AMIBA has developed a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically with the needs of groups like yours in mind. While the CRM can be used as a stand-alone replacement for your database, email marketing service, surveying and other tools, it also is designed to integrate seamlessly with and populate a website template (WordPress) we created that your local webmaster can customize. The CRM also may be configured to feed into your existing website.

We are partnering with Databank, a Minneapolis-based B Corp that has provided these services for Metro Independent Business Alliance (the Twin Cities’ AMIBA affiliate). While the website and database are valuable independently, together they can save huge amounts of staff time, streamline many aspects of organizing and present your organization and members to the world more effectively. 


The CRM combines many essential services into a single platform — no need for separate services!  

It includes:

  • A database designed with the needs of pro-local groups in mind.
    • Contact information and history – keeps historical information on individual contacts
      • Information for each record collection will be accessible in one place. Information will include the date of contact, the person who made contact, and all contact notes.
    • Detailed reports – will help your staff and board track key measurements to help assess your progress and success
    • Fundraising tools  – easily upload website donation information to your database
    • Registration for meetings and events – registration can happen online with or without the option to accept payments
    • Cloud access – grant access to a limitless number of users you designate and specify the information they are allowed to access.
      • No more excuses for your board members not to help build your membership, sponsorships, etc.!
    • Payment processing – payments processed through (individual account needed)
      • Enables you to accept recurring membership payments, ACH transfers (which is unavailable through PayPal) and e-checks.  Imagine your member intake and renewals, events registration and more streamlined!
    • Member update access – allows your members limited access to update their own business listing information without needing your precious staff time.
    • Powerful search capabilities – search for the data you need using multiple criteria
  • PowerMail  a powerful, intuitive email marketing platform
    • Track which of your recipients receive your emails, which emails they open, what links they click, who shares your emails and more. Gain valuable insights into what individual members, prospects, donors and others care about!
  • SMS (text) Messaging – a key tool for reaching young demographics.
    This kind of outreach will gain importance and continue to grow.
  • Form Builder
    • Build and deploy forms to your website or through email, and collect responses right in your database.
    • The data from those forms will be routed directly to your database (telling you about your contacts’ priorities, policy concerns and much more). Examples include surveys of your members, donors, what businesses local residents would like to see. *AMIBA offers many survey templates.
  • Integration with the website template – created by AMIBA to populate your online business directory, map and more automatically.

What’s the Cost?
AMIBA has underwritten much of the expense and leveraged the group-purchasing power of affiliates to reduce the cost of the database far below market rates — even with all the added functionality.

Any other requirements?
Using the Databank’s payment system to accept credit card and ACH payments for memberships, events, and more also will require subscribing to a payment gateway (authorizes credit card or direct payments processing) and a merchant services account (payment processor), which are separate services. AMIBA affiliates have two approved options:

  1. Use as your payment gateway and subscribe to the merchant services account of your choosing
  2. Use iATS, an integrated payment gateway and merchant services account, so you only need one subscription to obtain both services.

We also highly recommend (and often required by merchant services account provider) having an SSL certificate for your website regardless (security feature).  Often this can be purchased through your web hosting company and installed by them.

Creation of your custom database and data integration will cost as little as $1800 and should not exceed $3000 (depending on the size, complexity, and uniformity of your data). 

Access for unlimited users and ongoing support from Databank’s team costs $200/month (a discount is available for groups paying for 6 or 12 months at a time). For a
 comparison, groups who priced comparable databases in the past year reported bids ranging from $10,000 to $40,000 for development only.

Cost Assistance
In addition to underwriting development costs, AMIBA occasionally has been able to provide a limited amount of additional underwriting for groups wanting to make this move (based on available grants or donation), but for whom the expense is a barrier. Contact us to learn if these funds are currently available.  If so, please send a brief note telling us about your current database, email marketing and website (if applicable), how you see this technology package to improve your operations, and a summary of your financial circumstances.

What are the savings?
How much time does your staff spend duplicating entry or transferring information between software systems? While all new systems require up-front investment to learn, this package will save countless staff hours, improve your public presence and put more of your time toward better serving your members and community. Our package will eliminate the need for several outside services — saving money, but even more in the time required to manage them all.

The development cost also includes custom training videos and support for you to learn the system (paid for by AMIBA).

Please contact us if you’d like to review the full Databank specifications / proposal regardless of whether you think it’s within your current budget.


The WordPress website template details:

  • One time set-up cost of just $300 for affiliates
  • WordPress-based (you will never be without access to someone who can make needed edits and updates.
  • Direct support from Hallie Kronebusch (the website creator and AMIBA Operations Manager).
  • Ongoing support from AMIBA
  • Full integration with the DataBank system if both are desired
  • Full mobile optimization
  • Mapping your member businesses and enabling location-based searches
  • Member profile forms that automatically update their listings, profile, photos and contact information/social media in your database and website.
  • Search by any product or service your member chooses to list
  • Easy renewal forms

Video Demos and comparison charts:

See a demo of both the website template and database functionality!

This direct comparison chart shows you how our integrated system compares with other full systems on the market. Also see this cost comparison showing what you may spend to cobble together software features included in our integrated system on your own (though not ideal for time management of course!)

Contact Hallie for more information!

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