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Affiliation Benefits and Cost for Local Organizations

Note: We also offer memberships for individual businesses and affiliations for trade groups that allow all your members to enjoy various benefits (contact us for details).

AMIBA is a non-profit alliance of, by and for the local organizations and independent trade groups that comprise our membership. Our team is available when you need us to develop or improve upon a wide range of pro-local business initiatives that can yield direct benefit for your members and community. You gain access to a huge library of templates, how-tos, connections and unrivaled experience to answer your questions and help you succeed (and save a lot of money and time).

Services & Online Resources

  • Huge member resource library with guidance on board development, membership recruitment/retention, examples of campaigns, events, fundraising appeals, recruitment brochures, materials and best practices/lessons learned from local alliances.
  • Personal assistance with operations, media relations, editing, policy, member education, website development and more. This includes professional copy editing for your recruitment materials, press releases, op-eds and other items.
  • (for U.S. organizations) Access to 501c6 Group Exemption Program. This opt-in program will give your group federal tax-exempt status and save $800 or more on IRS fees over filing directly. (Learn more about U.S. tax-exemption options)
  • Email marketing, surveying services and social media set-up. We’ll help you choose the service providers and platforms best suited to your goals and capacities and offer guidance on best practices for local groups. We provide a robust surveying service and a menu of templates.
  • Network with other IBA leaders to learn new ideas, best practices and tap collaborative opportunities.
  • Presentations with visuals, talking points and guidance to adapt for presenting in your community.
  • $500 off in-person presentations and workshops to help your organization launch its work or boost your impact.
  • Added credibility that accompanies being associated with the nation’s pioneer organization and many successful local groups.
  • Ability to obtain tax-deductible contributions and grants for your public education work through our fiscal sponsorship program (we also provide examples of previously successful grant applications)
  • Organizer’s handbook and checklist with extensive information and how-tos to help you get started quickly, avoid time-consuming errors and develop a powerful campaign. For new groups, we provide templates for articles of incorporation, bylaws, business plan and more.
  • Discounted registration for major conferences of interest to local business advocates.
  • New! Integrated database and website system (provided by The DataBank) at a large discount. Designed from the ground up with local business coalitions in mind, these tools will save countless hours on member recruitment and management, creating online directories, newsletters and much more while providing you a website template offering all the functions you’ll likely need. These tools also are available separately.

Affiliation Cost

All materials and first-year benefits: $950

This fee covers your entire organization (there is no per-business cost). It includes start-up materials and templates, licensing and development. Cost may be split up over a maximum of six months on request.

Areas with fewer than 10,000 residents may be eligible for sponsored affiliation. Please inquire.

Dues for subsequent years are on a sliding scale of $200 – $600 annually.

In just a few months our affiliation paid for itself. AMIBA staff helped us gain tax-exempt status, became our fiscal sponsor, provided practical guidance on revenue diversification, and more.  AMIBA affiliation is a great investment.

Nancy Quinn

Local First Milwaukee

CIWL-rotatingPhysical Materials (bulk quantities included):

  • “Come In” Window decals. These big (5 x 8) attention-grabbing decals  help you start making a strong impression right out of the gate.
  • Why Buy Local? posters (40) or a customized file with your name and logo to print locally (Spanish design files also available).
  • Put Your Money Where Your House Is bumper stickers.
  •  Spanish decals for businesses saying “Thank you for choosing our independent local business…”
  • Printed copies of Building Buy Local Campaigns that Shift Culture and Spending for every board member, staff member and volunteer (up to 25).
  • Money stamps to deliver the pro-local message on paper currency and checks.
  • Professionally-designed ads and graphics. We’ll customize almost any of the 120+ ads and graphics in our member libraries for you (with your name, logo, url…) or provide files to your local designer.
  • LocalHeart-watermark“Love Local” Stickers/decals.  Local residents can spread the pro-local message, too. These decals are available in both adhesive and static cling. They can be given away or sold to fund your work (no watermark on actual decals).
  • We Welcome Everybody” decals (no quantity limit)

Affiliation Application

Contact us to learn more (no obligation implied)

New affiliates may choose up to 350 of the decals and stickers above in any combination. Resupplies for your members are free and quantities for resale are offered at our cost

Affiliation typically saves organizations $10,000 or more in development costs (and a whole lot of stress). We continuously collect the best of new materials and programs to enable others to learn from or replicate them. 

If you have immediate questions, please call us at 406-582-1255 or send us a note. We’ll gladly provide contacts from communities or groups in situations most like yours to get their impressions. If you’d like print copies of affiliation benefits and cost to send your board members, click below.


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