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Working with AMIBA was a vital component in transforming the Fresno Alliance from a concept to a real local movement. Guidance from AMIBA and being part of a strong network is extremely valuable…they constantly feed us new ideas that enable us to figure out what works best in our community.

Amy Fuentes

Local Business Initiatives Manager (Amy later joined AMIBA board), City of Fresno, CA

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1. As the pioneer organization, we provide you unrivaled support in helping your community alliance succeed. 

Your local group’s success will be enhanced through the support and assistance from AMIBA’s staff. Our directors each possess more than 15 years of hands-on experience, launching and directing the first IBA and helping nearly 100 others succeed. And we wrote the booklet recognized as the the authoritative overview for developing effective buy local campaigns. Whether you simply aim to organize an effective “buy local” campaign or launch a new organization, we’ll make your job easier with proven models, messaging, tools and personal guidance.

2. Because there’s strength in numbers!

Real change only happens from the bottom up. By affiliating with AMIBA, you immediately become part of a large and growing network of alliances operating in communities of all sizes and circumstances across North America — sharing ideas, resources and helping each other while building a stronger voice for independent business. By engaging in this rapidly-growing movement, you’re joining a winning team!

3. Because IBAs work!

Why re-invent the wheel when you can use a proven, time-tested model and materials, while enjoying the freedom to adapt them to your community and desires? AMIBA affiliation gains you our experience and that of our growing coalition. You gain access to our ever-increasing collection of materials, how-to’s, templates, and we network you with other IBAs to help your local effort become effective quickly and keep you there. AMIBA is a one-stop shop to help you get organized, legal, knowledgeable about issues, updated, and in touch with other IBAs to share ideas, find solutions, and build relationships.

AMIBA affiliation benefits are available to new and pre-existing organizations, municipalities, independent trade associations and all who share our vision.

Contact us to receive the affiliation agreement/application or for affiliation packages offered to regional and national organizations. For well-established local organizations, please contact us to discuss your situation and wishes.

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