Follow up from May 13 Leaders of Local Roundtable

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Leaders of Local Roundtable on May 13!  Here’s the materials we promised to all attendees.

First, you can re-watch the event at  And here’s the Chat log, which had some great stuff: meeting_saved_chat

Here’s some follow – up from Theodora Skeadas at Cambridge Local First, who shared her experience with doing Virtual Town Halls:

To successfully undertake a town hall / community conversation, follow these steps:
  1. Identify your speakers (economic development department manager, etc.)

  2. Pick a date and time

  3. Advertise the event, across these channels:

  4. Take notes during the meeting, such as here

  5. Send a follow-up email with key resources

Here’s Cambridge’s ongoing master document, which is open-sourced and cumulative:

Mary Alice Scott talked about guidelines, and here’s what she sent as follow up:

Here are the resources I mentioned!

My major takeaway: don’t re-invent the wheel! Other states and even countries have gone through this.

Thanks to all of you!

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