Social Media Banners: Top Reasons to Choose Local First

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Subtext: Local stores enable you to try on and try out items before you buy — and get real expertise — saving your time and money

To learn more on this topic, see 7 Ways Businesses and Communities Can Counter Showrooming

Subtext: Each dollar you spend at an independent business returns an average of 3 times more money to your community than spending at a chain — a benefit we all can bank on.

To learn more on this topic, see The Multiplier Effect

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Subtext: The casual encounters you enjoy at independent businesses and the public spaces around them nurture relationships, community cohesiveness, and smiles. They’re the ultimate social networking sites!

Subtext: Neutral third-party surveys repeatedly show independent businesses beating their chain competitors in overall customer satisfaction.

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Subtext: Want less congested roads? A more walkable, bikeable community? Lower taxes? Independent businesses typically consume less land and locate closer to residents, lessening traffic, pollution and public infrastructure costs.

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Subtext: More efficient land use and more central locations mean local businesses put less demand on our roads, sewers, and safety services. They also generate more tax revenue per sales dollar. A greater percentage of local independent businesses keeps your taxes lower.
Subtext: Independent businesses employ more people per dollar of revenue, they use a wide range of other goods and services, expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Subtext: Independent businesses help give your community its distinct personality.

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Subtext: A wide variety of independent businesses, each serving their customers’ tastes, creates greater overall choice for all of us.
Subtext: Local ownership of business means residents with roots in the community are involved in key development decisions that shape our lives and local environment.
Subtext: The multiplier effect created by spending locally generates lasting impact on the prosperity of local organizations and residents.
Subtext: Small businesses donate more than twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits, events, and teams compared to big businesses.
Subtext: Research shows a strong correlation between the percentage of small locally-owned firms and various indicators of personal and community health and vitality.


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We also offer four of the most popular Why Buy Local? messages as full-color 11″ x 15″ posters

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