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AMIBA Graphics: Conditions of Use and Index of Choices

We offer the graphics appearing on the pages linked below for your free use, following these simple courtesies:

  • Images used on social media or your website are not altered
  • Images used on a website are linked back to the source page or our home page
  • Do not shrink images to a size where AMIBA’s copyright or URL is not legible
  • If you’d like to customize a graphic with your business’ or organization’s name, logo or URL, etc., we will adapt for a small design fee. AMIBA affiliates enjoy the ability to request customized graphics for no added cost. Please contact us for more information.

Sizing example: our “Come In We’re Local” graphic should not be used smaller than 300 px wide unless a caption clearly identifies it as an AMIBA registered mark (see below). Thank you!

This image is set to 300 px wide

This image is set to 300 px wide

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