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Cider Monday 2018 will be November 26 and other online mega-retailers have succeeded in planting the idea of Cyber Monday into the media narrative around holiday shopping. But some independent business advocates are countering the corporate narrative with a community-focused alternative: Cider Monday.

Cider Monday was conceived by independent bookseller Toadstool Bookshops and spread with the help of Monadnock Buy Local (an Independent Business Alliance serving SW New Hampshire) which provides a roster of participating businesses here. Cider Monday proponents are encouraging residents to patronize their locally-owned retailers and organizing merchants to reward customers with complimentary cider (locally-grown apples a plus!).

While no one expects a Monday event to drive customers to local businesses like Small Business Saturday, it’s another way to inject discussion about the virtues of local independent businesses into otherwise vapid coverage of a non-event. AMIBA does not coordinate any events — we simply created this page to house some graphics and news sources and will add potentially useful materials as we’re made aware of them. You may find many activities described here apply equally well to Cider Monday.

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*2015 data refers to transaction volume from 2015. Online purchases comprise about 12% of retail sales when measured by dollar volume, according to Forrester Research (less than $400 billion of 43.4 trillion in overall retail).

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