Sample Social Media Posts for Independents Week

Social media sites present valuable outlets for promoting your Independents Week activities. Here are a few templates you might adapt to save time over creating all yours from scratch. Please tag us and use hashtag #IndieWeek to increase visibility and buzz around the event!

Sample Facebook Posts (hashtag #IndieWeek)

Note: if you’re organizing local events, we suggest you place the emphasis on your community and craft your own posts.

  • Independents Week (July 1-7) celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurism and community and encourage people to choose local small businesses for their shopping, dining and services.
    The @American Independent Business Alliance facilitates this event with many examples of local activities and huge menu of customizable web banners, posters, print ads and other graphics — all free to use and share! Check them out!
  • (Connected to an Indie Week quote image) Here’s one example of the many free graphics you can use or adapt to celebrate Independents Week — an annual event to promote the value of entrepreneurism and community-based businesses. See the full menu of posters, Facebook banners, and other graphics here: and share freely!
  • Make sure to go check out the live music at [Indie Record Store name] in honor of Independents Week this [day of the week](make sure to link to event page here for more information)
  • [Photo of independent business with indie week decorations] Name this business! Leave a comment with the correct answer and your name will be put in a drawing for a free $10 gift card!
  • Barbeque-fixins, lemonade, fireworks… go local for all of your 4th of July needs… celebrate Independents Week and the local independent businesses that make our community special!
  • Our favorite thing about Independents Week is the community engagement and, of course, the potato salad! What do you appreciate most? See what #IndieWeek is all about:


Sample Twitter Posts (please tag all with hashtag #IndieWeek)

  • We are excited to be participating in #IndieWeek. Celebrate your Independents! Please spread the word.
  • Whether you’re at home or away for #IndieWeek, please choose local & independent businesses!
  • Pro-Local organizations like ours across the nation are uniting to promote #IndieWeek. Please share the message!
  • Tweet your favorite thing about #IndieWeek and tag with #indieweekfave to get entered to win a free dinner at [local indie restaurant]
  • #IndieWeek is upon us! Check out community events here [link to events]. Please RT

With 90 million monthly active users, 100 registered users, 40 million photos per day, 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments per second… it’s clear that Instagram can be a great way to engage an online community. Encourage your community members and local businesses to share their Independents Week photos on Instagram with the #IndieWeek hashtag!

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