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Be sure to attach a complete list of events and activities to your press release.

Copy the text below to a document and localize it to suit your needs.


Contact:  [name], [phone] [email]or

[name], [phone], [email]

(Feel free to provide more—it’s best to provide at least two)

[Community] Independent Business Alliance (XXIBA)


City, State, Zip/Postal Code

Celebrating Our Independents!

[Date Release Is Sent]

[City]— [your IBA/org/business] and the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) declare the week of July 1-7 [or your sates] Independents Week.  [YOUR OPENING QUOTE OR STATEMENT] “It’s a time to reflect on the importance of economic democracy and community self-determination by celebrating the nation’s locally owned independent businesses and the stake each citizen has in shaping their home town’s future,” stated AMIBA director Jennifer Rockne.   [your IBA/org/business] invites [Community] to help celebrate by joining in activities and in-store promotions offered by [IBA/org.] and member businesses,” stated [IBA representative].

“[IBA/org.] is joining other local alliances and partner organizations nationwide–thousands of independent business owners and citizens who are participating in Independents Week—to celebrate our great independent businesses who exemplify the uniqueness of [City],” said (IBA representative).  “We have a reason to celebrate—these friends and neighbors embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and individuality in our community.  Our citizens are integral to ensuring we keep these businesses that help define who we are and contribute to our sense of place.”

* (If your mayor/city council is adopting the proclamation, be sure to include a sentence or paragraph—this would be an appropriate place. Be sure to include a quote from your group on this.)

[Community] residents can participate in Independents Week activities such as week are [list some of the highlights].  The [organization] website contains more information and activities, [web address]

[XXIBA] is [affiliated /partnering] with the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and is part of a growing national movement of communities rallying to support their independent businesses and ensuring the opportunity to operate an independent business endures.


We’ve provided you with a press release template—feel free to adapt it or create your own.

We all benefit if we’re all speaking in similar language about Independents Week.  Here’s a suggested sound bite to use. . .but use your own words!

Sound bite:  Independents Week is about taking the time to recognize [city’s] local independent businesses and the community values they embody — their spirit of entrepreneurship, individuality, uniqueness, and character; giving back to community with time, talent, goods and services, and fulfilling our community’s needs; we’re also recognizing the independence of our citizens —  their ability to think and act for themselves and embracing their part in shaping the future of [city].


  • Have local anecdotes to provide–concrete and specific examples of the above qualities of local independent businesses.
  • Be sure to equate those qualities of independent businesses to qualities of the community–how they are analogous to quality of life in your community.
  • Local media will be your best partners for ensuring the success of your local event.  An early contact to with your plans will help gain their interest.  A follow-up as the Week draws closer is vital to ensure you are on their radar screen.  Use AMIBA’s press release guidelines to help you compose one. If you have contacts at various media outlets, engage them to discover the timeline they recommend for ensuring coverage.  Be sure to mention that Independents Week is a national event–chances are good that the media will pay closer attention.

Ideas for the media (through a letter or, better yet, a personal contact):

1)  Pitch the idea of on-site, live broadcasts to TV and radio stations.  When Independents Week was a local event only in Tampa, Florida, the local Fox News affiliate broadcast its morning news program from a different independent business all week long.

2)  Suggest reporters follow takers of the Indie Challenge (or other event engaging citizens) to see how they are progressing during the week.  They might also bring up issues affecting independent business in your community and around the country.  Suggest they take the Indie Challenge themselves and monitor their own thoughts and experiences!

3)  Invite them to participate in activities you plan–such as a kick-off event, picnic or a community bike ride.  The media often are looking for different angles to pursue that reflect community events, particularly when July 4th celebrations often are similar from year to year.

4)  Hold a press conference at city hall, the governor’s mansion or your state capital building to document your reception of a proclamation.  This is a great opportunity for your mayor or governor to receive some positive media coverage.  Suggest to your governor’s press officer that your governor create a public service announcement for the week extolling the virtues of the state’s independent businesses and their value to the state’s vitality. Consider including a visit to several nearby independent businesses as an excellent reinforcement for your message (be sure to arrange with the business owners in advance, and to make sure they will be on site and prepared to ask questions or make statements the media can capture.  Also include this in your media release.)




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