Independents Week Checklist – Step-by-step Guide and Timeline

Download and print this checklist to stay on track as you promote Independents Week.

Several weeks ahead:

  • Download and customize graphic templates from
  • Gather your planning committee and start discussion about events, partners, and delegating tasks
  • Over-the-Street Banner and Downtown Flags: Talk to your local downtown association to ask how to get your material up and what size the flags and banner needs to be.  Also ask them about good sources for producing these items!
  • Determine a good source for printing posters, fliers, banners, etc.
  • Contact other peer groups in your state to inquire about combining efforts to secure an Independents Week proclamation.  Contact your governor’s office to determine their protocol.

One month ahead:

  • Send proclamation to municipal council
  • Challenge your city council members and other notable locals to take the Indie Challenge in the public eye
  • Select Independent’s Week events appropriate for your community.
  • Encourage stores to participate with in-store events and promotions
  • Create your own sound bite and press release for the media, collect local anecdotes
  • Pitch the idea of on-site, live broadcasts to TV and radio stations.
  • Begin promoting events via social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Two Weeks Prior:

  • Provide store owners/managers with an information sheet and urge them to discuss the event in an employee meeting–or if you are part of an IBA, offer to send someone in from your IBA leadership to discuss it with them.

One Week Prior:

  • Alert your state’s larger media via a press release two days prior to proclamation
  • Suggest reporters follow takers of the Indie Challenge to see how they are progressing during the week and invite them to participate in activities you plan and suggest a press conference where the proclamation will be read

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