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Every year in the U.S., the first week of July is a time to celebrate not only our Independence as a nation but the entrepreneurial spirit and freedom that is embodied by our independent businesses. Independents Week is an annual opportunity to recognize the many valuable contributions these local businesses make to our communities. The event provides a platform to help you generate positive attention for local entrepreneurs in the media, local government, and public alike. Many new local alliances have used the campaign as a debut initiative!

AMIBA makes seizing the opportunity easy for you with a huge library of local activity examples, “how-tos” and free templates for posters, graphics and more. You can do anything from using one educational graphic to instigating a full-fledged community campaign. Explore!

Resource Index

We provide free graphic templates for a wide range of applications.

To make Independents Week more visible, and specific to your community’s needs, we offer a large variety of complimentary graphics, suggested activities, how-to guides, and easy to use templates for press releases and web/print advertising.

While these items are just some of the free resources that we offer to make your local Independents Week the best that it can be, we do ask that you link to this page to help spread the word and also allows us to provide continued exposure to Independents Week as a whole.

Using Studies and Data

When working on your Independents Week remember that publishing commentaries about the Benefits of Buying Locally and citing credible data about their economic importance are to steps that can play a key role in raising local consciousness. If you find yourself scratching your head remember that we are always happy to help customize a local edit!

Here are some useful and helpful sources to get you started:

Independents Week Webinar

Recorded 2017
Access this free webinar and join Dane Buy Local Director, Colin Murray, as he lines out great ways to prepare for and capitalize on Independents Week.

*AMIBA affiliates are always welcome to access our complete library of webinars.

Why bring Independents Week to my community?

Independents Week is a positive, visible, and nationally recognized vehicle for educating citizens, city officials, and state governments on the benefits that thriving local businesses bring to their communities. Independents Week also builds relationships, community and local media awareness, and helps local business by shifting local spending behaviors. By adapting and/or utilizing our free resources, activities, and promotional templates you can generate substantial attention with only a modest investment of time and money.


In addition to our many free graphics, AMIBA also sells ready-to-use decals, posters, bumper stickers and more.

If you are interested in bringing Independents Week to your state or community we recommend organizing a steering committee. Having this committee will help you to spread out your task load and generate ideas. It can be a lot for one person to shoulder.

If you’ve been considering launching an Independent Business Alliance or Buy Local Campaign in your community, Independents Week is a great kick-off vehicle for publicizing the idea and generating new contacts! While many of the Independents Week ideas we offer can be very useful for an individual business, getting multiple businesses involved can intensify the overall impact. This alone can and increase your ability to grab that attention from your local and/or state governments and media.

Can AMIBA help?

Absolutely! AMIBA is here to make sure that your efforts are supported from the ground up. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have or, if you are farther along in the planning stages, feel free to email us a brief description of your planned activities. 

How can I become an AMIBA Affiliate?

Becoming an AMIBA Affiliate is not only simple, it’s incredibly beneficial! AMIBA always offers personal support, nearly two decades of IBA experience, a wealth of member resources and materials, and a flexibility to help you create the IBA that is specific to the needs of your region. Joining AMIBA is joining a win for local business! Please find more information about becoming and AMIBA Affiliate here.

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