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Effective Holiday “Buy Local” Campaigns

AMIBA provides a wide range of resources to help local businesses and organizations effectively spread the pro local / independent business message during the holiday season.  Here’s an index to this growing collection. We also provide materials for Valentine’s Day, Independents Week and St. Patrick’s Day (graphics only).

gift-ad-charity-AMIBA-greenPosters, Gift Tags, Graphics and Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

This collection includes many free templates. Please read the conditions of use for placing AMIBA graphics on your website, social media, or materials.

Holiday Campaign and Event Ideas

This page gathers several examples of successful activities developed by local organizations, with links to background information where available.

10 Ways to Capitalize on Small Business Saturday

Check out these ideas to make the most of this big annual opportunity!

Seven Ways Businesses and Communities Can Counter “Showrooming”

Customers trying on or inspecting merchandise in-store while buying from online mega-retailers is a big concern for local merchants, but there are ways indie retailers can turn the tables.

“Thank You for Choosing Local” Bag Stuffers

Usable year-round, but the holidays are an ideal time to drop these reminders to customers. Our free template makes it easy to print these locally, yielding attention-grabbing handouts at less than a penny per customer! (Custom designs on request.)

Great Gifts Don’t Have to Be “Stuff”

Many of your local businesses provide great experiences, rather than physical products. Here are some ideas to help promote those businesses and lead people who want to reduce their consumption to support local entrepreneurs.

Facebook Banners with Holiday Campaign Themes

See examples from other groups and templates you can easily “plug and play” to use on your own page.

Give a Gift To Your Community: Go Local!

We invite you to adapt AMIBA commentaries for publication in your local or regional media. Consider adapting this commentary by inserting data and examples from your state, for example.  Please contact us first for any updated information and assistance with editing or marketing to your regional media.


Holiday Campaigns


Small Business Saturday

Saturday following Thanksgiving (November 24, 2018)
This annual event, facilitated by American Express, counters the big-box hype of “Black Friday” and provides a great news hook for spreading your pro-local business messages. A range of free materials is offered to businesses or organizations signing up as “Neighborhood Champions.” AMIBA is an organizational supporter. See also 10 Ways to Capitalize on Small Business Saturday.

ShiftYourShoppingwebShift Your Shopping 

Seasonal Campaign November 1 – December 31
AMIBA partners in this collaborative campaign to help keep the pro-local and independent message prominent throughout the holiday season.


Plaid-Friday-logoPlaid Friday

The day after Thanksgiving (November 23, 2018)
Why plaid? The interwoven nature of the plaid pattern represents all that make small businesses special – the diversity and creativity of independent business. Plaid Friday is the calm, enjoyable independent business alternative to the insanity and chaos of big box store “Black Friday.” So sport your plaid and set out to support local!

Cider Monday

The Monday after Thanksgiving (November 26, 2018) and other online mega-retailers have succeeded in planting the idea of Cyber Monday into the media narrative around holiday shopping. But some independent business advocates are countering the corporate narrative with a community-focused alternative: Cider Monday.


For more graphics and information relating to Amazon & online shopping, see our Amazon resource library

AMIBA affiliates: many more templates, examples and activity guides and how-tos are accessible to you. Log in first, then see Holiday Templates. 

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We rely on voluntary contributions, business members and our generous sponsors and donors to enable us to offer this large toolbox at no per-use cost. If you find these resources valuable, please drop a donation in our “tip jar” to keep this growing and enable our far-reaching work to strengthen communities and independent businesses! AMIBA is a non-profit (501c3) educational organization.

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