National Business Group Engages Locals to Fight Bigotry

National Business Group Engages Locals to Fight Bigotry

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BOZEMAN, MT – The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) is engaging independent business owners and advocates to take a lead role in reversing the escalation of bigotry. As part of its “Business Against Bigotry” initiative, AMIBA produced four new radio public service announcements (PSAs) and three visual PSAs that anyone may adapt or use as-is for print publication or online.

The Business Against Bigotry initiative aims to help communities ensure all people feel safe and welcome in local businesses, neighborhoods and commercial areas. The PSAs supplement free “We Welcome Everybody” window decals that AMIBA provides nationwide for businesses, schools, houses of worship and for people to display at home.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken, NJ said, “In Hoboken, the window decals were an excellent response to an ugly incident of bigotry and helped unify our community. I am excited the program is continuing and expanding through the new materials.”

Director Mariah McKay of the Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance reports, “Our member businesses received overwhelming positive feedback from the public and helped make this message a popular one in our city.”

As part of the initiative, AMIBA also offers training to provide leaders of local business groups with guidance and tools to facilitate community gatherings aimed at deepening understanding and creating local action plans for safer, more respectful communities.

While many business owners and managers engage in the Business Against Bigotry initiative because they want to help vulnerable people in their communities, Jeff Milchen, AMIBA Co-director, believes local business will benefit directly from taking action. “Someone who feels less than fully welcomed in a business or community will simply visit other places where they feel comfortable to shop and dine…or they’ll simply stay home and send their money to Amazon,” said Milchen.

The free PSAs, “We Welcome Everybody” window decals, and web graphics are available via, along with details on the Business Against Bigotry initiative.


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