Project Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to general sponsorship, AMIBA offers opportunities for you to focus support on a project with special meaning or relevance to your company.  Your support associates your business or organization with that project or service and will put your name, information and materials before a well-targeted audience.  Project sponsorships begin at $2500. General sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels (please inquire to learn more).

National Study Comparing  Charitable Giving of Local Business to Absentee-Owned

We believe, from experience and data from a few communities, that community-based businesses are more generous with their resources and cash than chains and remote businesses overall. However, the last serious study in this realm, in 1991, simply categorized businesses as small, medium or large.

You can bring this important information to light with a study that has huge media potential! Partner with us to commission a study that samples multiple communities of varying sizes and circumstances to produce data that will illuminate general truths.  This data will add a new dimension to the strong and widely cited and publicized data on the local economic multiplier effect.  Independent businesses and their impact still is a new area for study.  This new data is eagerly received and used among the hundreds of organizations within the Localization Movement, both national and local.  We know such a study can be turned into national news stories if the results are as we expect.

Budget range: $16,000 – $24,000.

Sponsors of 50% or more will receive: citation in all press releases, publicity via AMIBA outlets and mentions in all interviews; logo and descriptive blurb on published report; and logo on primary graphics.


Nationally-Distributed Shopping Bags with Pro-Local Business Messaging

If you seek on-the-street visibility, this project may be a perfect fit. Many thousands of businesses within AMIBA’s network presently offer generic shopping bags to their customers. These businesses are great prospects to purchase both reusable and disposable bags with pro-local messaging.

We’ve identified manufacturers for the most environmentally-friendly, U.S. – made options in several categories/sizes and several independent trade groups are ready partners to publicize the offering to their memberships, as well as through AMIBA affiliates. Both exclusive and non-exclusive sponsorship is possible for this project. Amounts may be negotiated after determining bag characteristics and production volume.

Budget range: $15,000 (for localized tests) – $70,000


Offering More Resources in Spanish and Engaging More Latino-Owned Businesses

AMIBA publishes a Spanish version of our popular guide to effective “buy local” campaigns, along with a handful of our most popular web pages. Expanding the resources offered and better publicizing them to Latino media and business organizations can benefit a growing population in this country, help guide them into the Movement, and build leadership and diversity within it.

This presents an ideal sponsorship opportunity for a business seeking to build awareness and loyalty among the Latino community.

Budget: Since the list of actions and materials to produce is vast, we can craft a sponsorship package at the level of your choosing. Exclusive sponsorship for print production of our popular “Why Buy Local?” poster series in Spanish is available (includes name and logo on posters, as well as mention in publicity).


Quantify the Economic Impact of Pro-local Purchasing/Procurement Preferences

In recent years, many communities have implemented policies giving preference to sourcing locally, but no study has yet been conducted to measure the impact of these policies.

Based on our knowledge of the local multiplier effect, such preferences likely yield net gains to local economies. If we can execute a credible study demonstrating this, independent business advocates will gain tremendous leverage to spread such policies and drive more of the billions of dollars in annual purchasing by these entities to independent businesses.

Budget: A credible study analyzing multiple communities may be commissioned for $18,000 – $28,000. This opportunity is ideally suited to manufacturers, distributors or trade associations serving business sectors engaged in government contracting.


State, Province or Region-Focused Sponsorships

Help bring AMIBA’s presentations, workshops, and advising to many communities in a state, region or province! Sponsoring our “traveling road show” brings many communities, which may not have the resources to bring us in individually, the benefit of our expertise, primarily focused on assisting the work of grassroots organizations in the region and helping new ones gain essential training and support.

As a tour sponsor/underwriter, you gain prominent exposure for your business or organization. Your logo and description appear on all promotional materials and in news releases, and the opportunity brings you the satisfaction of helping communities take concrete action to help resident-owned businesses and the local economy.

Please contact us about your geographic area of interest, to set up a discussion about any opportunity in this page, or to suggest other possibilities.


Independents Week

Independents Week is an annual campaign the week of July 4 to engage local independent businesses and citizens in celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom our local businesses embody. Your sponsorship will enable dedication of staff time to drive the Independents Week campaign to prominence and further develop promotional material and concerted activities. Independents Week spreads the pro-local message at a time when many media outlets are seeking fresh stories.

Lead Sponsorship ($15,000) will place your name on all Indie week articles, press releases, web pages, as well as placing your logo on selected visual materials and providing you multiple social media post call-outs. A Lead Sponsor will have first right of refusal for subsequent years, so you can be assured of the opportunity to gain long-term benefit from the growth this campaign will experience with adequate resources. Supporting sponsorships also are available to place your name and logo on Independents Week web pages, press releases and multiple social media mentions.

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