AMIBA’s goal is to be an organization reflecting the diversity and individuality of the millions of independent business owners and employees, communities and neighborhoods we support through our mission.

AMIBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Values

  • We can best understand and address the needs of the people and communities we serve by employing and recruiting people who reflect them.
  • Diverse, high-achieving staff and volunteers possess a richness of lived experience and knowledge that bring us new ideas and fresh perspective essential to our future success and growth.
  • An inclusive, collaborative, flexible work environment that values differences and recognizes individual needs motivates staff members to contribute their best and feel supported.
  • Trust, mutual respect, and dignity are fundamental beliefs we reflect in our behavior and actions.
  • Accountability for diversity and inclusion goals drives our success and builds integrity and trust.

Compliance, Equal Opportunity, and Assertive Action

AMIBA’s policies and supporting practices emerge from these values and a belief that all employees and volunteers should be treated with dignity and respect. Accordingly, AMIBA is committed to upholding an organizational culture and providing an environment and operation free from discrimination because of race, ethnicity, creed, ability, gender, sexual orientation or expression, marital or parenthood status, age, amnesty or veteran status. We value and recognize the richness of life experience and individuality of employees, volunteers, contractors, clients, members and funders make AMIBA a more representative, effective, and impactful organization. AMIBA also recognizes and complies with all applicable national, state, and local laws pertaining to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity. To support these commitments, AMIBA will review, evaluate, and update our diversity and inclusion policy and actions annually. AMIBA’s staff and volunteers are responsible for giving our equal employment opportunity policy full meaning and support.

Equal Employment Opportunity

AMIBA desires diverse staff, volunteers, and interns who bring to the organization a richness of life experiences and perspectives. We are an equal-opportunity employer and encourage applicants of any race, ethnicity, creed, ability, gender, sexual orientation or expression, marital or parenthood status, age, amnesty or veteran status. AMIBA will make reasonable accommodations whenever necessary for otherly-abled employees or applicants, provided the individual is otherwise qualified to safely perform the duties and assignments connected with the position and its tasks, and any accommodations made do not require significant difficulty or expense.

Assertive Action

AMIBA’s procedure for responding to discrimination complaints is guided by the regulations of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. These procedures are posted in our office. Any employee or applicant for employment who believes that unlawful discrimination has occurred either to themselves or to some other member of the organization must consult with one co-director or designee within a reasonable period of time following the alleged discriminatory action. A thorough investigation will be conducted. No employee will be the subject of any retaliation for filing a complaint of discrimination or harassment or for participating in any investigation into such a complaint. Amended by the board June 21, 2018 Adopted June 2002

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