All AMIBA board, staff and volunteers are required to complete this form. Following any individual’s exit, AMIBA will hold each record on file for four years. Click here to view and download (doc). 


Members of the Board of Directors of the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), officers, volunteers, and employees must act at all times in the best interests of AMIBA. Members of the Board, officers, volunteers, and employees shall disclose all potential and actual conflicts of interest to the Board of Directors and, as required, remove themselves from all discussion and voting on any related matter. 


Specifically, members of the Board, officers, volunteers, and employees shall:

  • Avoid placing self-interest or the interests of a third party above the interests of AMIBA, and avoid the appearance of placing self-interest or the interests of a third party above the interests of AMIBA;
  • Refrain from using AMIBA’s staff, services, equipment, materials, resources, or property for personal or third-party gain, and from representing to third parties that authority as a Board member extends any further than that which it actually extends;
  • Not engage in any outside business, professional conduct, or other activities that may be directly or indirectly adverse to the interests of AMIBA;
  • Not solicit or accept gifts, gratuities, free travel, or any other item of value from any person or entity as a direct or indirect inducement to provide special treatment with respect to matters pertaining to AMIBA without fully disclosing such an exchange to the Board of Directors;
  • Provide goods or services to AMIBA as a paid vendor to AMIBA only after full disclosure to, and advance approval by, the Board of Directors, and pursuant to any related procedures adopted by the Board;
  • Not persuade any employee of AMIBA to leave the employ of AMIBA or to become employed by any person or entity other than AMIBA; and
  • Not persuade or attempt to persuade any member, exhibitor, advertiser, sponsor, subscriber, supplier, contractor, or any other person or entity with an actual or potential relationship with AMIBA to terminate, curtail, or not enter into its relationship with AMIBA, or to reduce any benefit that may be provided to AMIBA with respect to such relationship.

This policy shall apply to the members of the AMIBA Board of Directors, but also shall apply to all members of AMIBA committees, task forces, and others in the AMIBA governance structure, as well as to AMIBA’s employees and volunteers. On an annual basis, all individuals to whom this policy shall apply shall be provided with a copy of this policy and required to complete and sign an acknowledgement and disclosure form prepared by the Board of Directors.

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