3 Important Reasons to Use Facebook LIVE

3 Important Reasons to Use Facebook LIVE
If you have been thinking about using Facebook Live as a social media tool you should!

Here are three good reasons why:

1.) Engage your followers

Facebook Live is a social media platform that effectively engages Facebook users while inviting conversation. The Facebook Live set-up allows you to interact with viewers in real time by answering their questions and fielding their opinions while gauging their reactions.

2.) Make an instant connection with your core audience

With Facebook Live you can notify your followers of the times you will be going live so they can make sure to tune in to and participate with your broadcast.

3.) Tell your story as only you can

Facebook Live offers a wide variety of customizable options to help brand your broadcast and make it unique. This helps to connect people to your topics even more while communicating what is special about your organization.


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