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AMIBA News & Press Release Archive

Note: many articles published on our first website (pre-2011) are not indexed here. Please contact us if you seek a specific item.

Jan 27, 2012:    New Survey: 2011 a Decent Year for Indie Business, a Great Year for Those in IBAs

May 12, 2011:    AMIBA & Allies Urge President to Curb Political Influence in Federal Contracting

April 2, 2011:     Amazon's Physical Presence (Nexus) in US States

March 9, 2011:   Buy Local Campaigns Boost Small Business Revenues

Jan. 21, 2010:    AMIBA and Allies Slam U.S. Supreme Court for Overturning Ban on Corporate Electioneering

Mar. 28, 2006:   
AMIBA Testimony to FDIC Re Walmart and Retail Banking

Feb. 20, 1998:   The Benefits of Doing Business Locally (adapted and revised many times)

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