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Board of Directors

Jennifer Rubenstein, President; Executive Director, Louisville Independent Business Alliance, Kentucky

Dana Eness, Vice President; Executive Director, Stay Local! New Orleans, Louisiana

Nicole Kelly, Secretary; Board Member, Keep St. Petersburg Local, Florida

Colin Murray, Treasurer; Executive Director, Dane Buy Local, Madison, Wisconsin  

Lily Brislen, Executive Director, the Food Connection, University of Kentucky-Lexington

Laury Hammel, Executive Director, SBN Massachusetts, Boston, Massachusetts

Kristi Streiffert, Executive Director, Local First, Durango, Colorado


Staff and Contractors

Jennifer RockneJeff MilchenJoe GraftonHallie Kronebusch


Advisory Board

David Bolduc Co-founder, Boulder IBA Boulder, Colorado

Betsy Burton Co-founder, Local First Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

Susan Crandall Workforce Development Consultant, Workforce Results Somerville, Massachusetts

Laury Hammel Founder, Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts Wayland, Massachusetts

Michael Kinsley Senior Consultant, Communities & Campuses, Rocky Mountain Institute Snowmass, Colorado

David C. Korten People-Centered Development Forum Bainbridge Island, Washington

Stu M. Levit (Legal Advisor) Missoula, Montana

KayAnn Miller (Financial Advisor) Bozeman, Montana

Stacy Mitchell Portland, Maine Program Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance


Jennifer Rockne

Jennifer Rockne

Co-Director & Co-Founder

Jennifer served as Outreach Director for the nation’s first Independent Business Alliance in Boulder, Colorado for two years before leaving to help launch and direct AMIBA in 2001 in response to address broader interest in the Boulder IBA’s success. Jennifer maintains the operation of the organization and is the main contact for most of AMIBA’s community affiliates.  She advises on various aspects of IBA operation, including developing relationships with local government officials toward bringing the IBA voice to the table of economic development discussion and developing strategies to prevent displacement of local businesses. Jennifer hails from a family with a four-generations-old independent business.  She currently engages in her community of Bozeman, Montana as both coordinator of her neighborhood association and chair of Bozeman’s InterNeighborhood Council. Jennifer received her BA degree from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and holds a Masters in Communication from the University of Colorado, where she augmented coursework with classes in non-profit management and public policy.

Jeff Milchen

Jeff Milchen

Co-Director & Co-Founder

Jeff has spent 18 years helping communities build vital local economies and enhancing economic opportunity through supporting local independent businesses. Milchen co-founded the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA), which helps communities to launch and successfully operate Independent Business Alliances. These Alliances work to strengthen and sustain community-based businesses while promoting citizen empowerment over community development. Milchen pioneered this organizing model, founding and directing the Boulder IBA in Colorado, starting in 1998. Since 2001, AMIBA has helped more than 80 of these Alliances form in a diverse range of communities. He has provided keynotes, presentations and workshops for more than one hundred organizations and conferences across North America.

Milchen spent eight years as a small business owner before moving to non-profit work. Milchen’s prior work includes successfully operating his own start-up businesses in Vermont and serving as the director of Reclaim Democracy. He is the author of “Building Buy Local Campaigns that Shift Culture and Spending” and his commentaries and articles have appeared in dozens of publications including Business Week, Washington Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, The Ecologist, Chicago Tribuneand Adbusters. Milchen has appeared on radio programs at home and abroad on the relationship between markets and democracy. Milchen is an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time in the mountains near Bozeman, MT. He Tweets here occasionally.

Hallie Kronebusch

Hallie Kronebusch

Operations Manager

Hallie is a graphic designer and an entrepreneur at heart. She grew up immersed in independent business culture, as her parents operated a Main Street furniture store for 35 years in Bozeman, MT, which Hallie is proud to call home. Her creative edge and abilities include dynamic graphics, web design, layout, and skills in social media, photography, and organizational administration. Hallie is passionate about animal rescue and volunteers with Montana organizations helping rescue and care for animals. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Graphic Design. Hallie enjoys all Bozeman has to offer in the outdoors in her free time, from snowboarding to camping, hiking, and golf.

Board of Directors

Jennifer Rubenstein

Jennifer Rubenstein


Jennifer started working for the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) in 2008 and became Director in 2011. Under her leadership, LIBA has grown from 60 to over 700 business members. LIBA educates the public about the advantages of buying from locally-owned, independent businesses, promotes the Keep Louisville Weird campaign and holds the Buy Local First Fair, Shift Your Shopping Contest and Louisville Brewfest annually in addition to other campaigns. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville with a major in Marketing and was included as a “40 Under 40” by Business First Louisville in 2012. She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, where she lives with her husband Mark, daughter Katie and two sweet hound dogs.

Dana Eness

Dana Eness

Vice President/President-elect

Dana Eness is a founding board member and Executive Director of Stay Local!, which since 2003 has been dedicated to creating a robust independent business network in Greater New Orleans.  Dana has also served as Executive Director of New Orleans-based nonprofit The Urban Conservancy since 2006.  The Urban Conservancy engages in research, education, and advocacy which promote sustainable land use and local economies in Southeast Louisiana. Since receiving her MA in Latin American Studies from Tulane University in 1989, Dana has worked in non-profit administration, programming, community development and systems building in a number of settings both in the US and abroad.

Colin Murray

Colin Murray


Colin Murray is Executive Director of Dane Buy Local in Madison Wisconsin, a position he’s held since February 2013. Colin is known as a promoter of the local business community with over 15 years’ experience in locally-focused economic development. He has been involved with Dane County Buy Local from its initial formation meeting in 2004 and served as President from 2010-2013. During that time he oversaw the organization’s growth from 450 to more than 700 member businesses. Under his direction, Dane County Buy Local now boasts nearly 800 members.  Murray is a lifelong member of the Madison community, working on behalf of Dane County businesses and non-profits throughout his career. He served as Advertising Manager at Isthmus Publishing and Advertising Director for Shepherd Express in Milwaukee — both are locally-owned alternative weekly newspapers. He holds an Associates Degree from Madison College.

Nicole Kelley

Nicole Kelley


Nicole Kelly serves on the board of Keep Saint Petersburg Local — the city’s Independent Business Alliance — that developed 500 members in its first two years and helped the city develop a reputation as a “destination city of the arts.”   Nicole and her husband, John, own and operate the Hideaway Cafe, St Petersburg’s Original Listening Room, where they strive to provide truly appreciative listening audience’s for local artists.  They have been at the forefront in supporting original music in St. Petersburg since their move from Nashville, TN in 2000 and strive to bring independent musicians to the table in the pro-local cause. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Vanderbilt University.  She has worked in site development for many industries and companies, including FOX, WebMD, AEGON, and Columbia/HCA, as well as several successful startups.  In addition to Hideaway Cafe, Nicole offers technology consulting services through her web development company, Technikelly Kreative.  In her downtime, she enjoys being a “baseball mom” to her boys, Jackson and Brennan.

Lily Brislen

Lily Brislen

Lily Brislen is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Kentucky – Lexington and is first director of The Food Connection at UK, focused on enhancing production, distribution and consumption of Kentucky-grown and produced food both on and off campus. She was the founding director of Think Local Umpqua in Douglas County, Oregon, one of the most successful smaller-town Independent Business Alliances. Lily also is part of AMIBA’s speakers bureau and generates rave reviews for making her presentations and workshops memorably fun as well as informative and productive. She has written for rural development groups on many aspects of localization and entrepreneurial development. She also serves on the board of the Community Farm Alliance.

Laury Hammel

Laury Hammel

Laury is the President and CEO of The Longfellow Clubs of Massachusetts, which encompasses health and sports clubs, holistic health centers, children’s centers, and camps that serve 10,000 members. Honored by the Boston Globe as one of the top places to work in MA, Longfellow is a recognized industry leader in innovative business practices, environmental responsibility, and community service.

Laury has helped numerous local business coalitions get started. He founded the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN) in 1988,  Business for Social Responsibility in 1991 and co-founded the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies in 2001. Laury directs the 1000+ member SBN and has developed innovative programs like the Boston Local Food Festival, the Sustainable Business Leader Program, and the Sustainability Leadership Summit.  See our interview with Hammel for more.

Kristi Streiffert

Kristi Streiffert

Kristi Streiffert is Managing Director of Local First, which since 2008 has been working to help La Plata County and Durango, Colo., build a thriving, self-reliant and resilient local economy. After ten years overseas and soon after earning her MBA at University of Cyrus in the E.U., Kristi bought a local business in Durango and runs it in addition to her work at Local First. She is interested in determining how communities can best support locally-owned independent businesses in order to build an economy that values people, the planet and prosperity for everyone.

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